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Our proud hero

US Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone,one of the three men who a foiled terror attack on French train was promoted to a staff sergeant. Three Cheers for the brave young man!!!

Happier polar bears?

Even though Greenland holds 10% of world's ice pack, melting of the glaciers has slowed despite rising temperatures since 2007. Has Nature reached an equilibrium point?Let's pray it has, since melting of the ice pack will raise sea level buy 20 feet and annihilate the coastal region of the world.

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

Reject evil

Turn of the channel TV and political outfits like CNBC, Fox News and alike who have ignored and offended Christ's doctrine and American Constitution. Boycott them, walk away and let them dry.

Watch you mouth Victor, or else be thrown out of Uncle's will

Hungary PM Orban is mad at Uncle George Soros, niece Angela and nephew Barack for destabilizing EU, refusing to pay for more barbed wire and migrant shelters.Get use to it Victor, Europe is over and so is the so called Western Civilization.

Count your money bin Salman, instead of crucifying people and supporting ISIS

S&P downgraded Saudi Arabia debt to A+ due to budget deficits, falling currency reserves and low oil price. The Kingdom has been involved in two wars, a deep support for ISIS, and widespread violence against protesters like our friend Ali Al Nimr, who supposedly will be executed by crucifixion, and another man who will get 1000 lashes in the back. You people are walking on a thin ice, and one of these days someone like Putin will burn your oil terminals to the ground and will send your table cloth covered asses to the International Court in the Hague for "Crimes against Humanity" trials.

America is greying folks, take advantage of it.

Is your kid having trouble finding a job? Let them get a degree in pharmacy, a sure way of making $110k per year. Why? Because of demographics, millions of baby boomers from the Elvis generation, (may his beautiful soul rest in peace), are getting old and need care, to say the least.

An American promise in the heartland?

A large scale brawl between 100 in a High School in Allentown,PA leaves 4 police officers hurt and five students in jail. Are the Arabs an the Kurds only fighting in old Germany? Our own "migrants" sons and daughters are beating the world out of each other.

Mop up the trash to the curb

Despite crocodile tears from Obama officials and immigration supporters, 1/3 of released Fed prisoners will be deported. Are you sad? Are you glad? Or can't you say because of fad?

Welcome wearing thin?

A violent brawl in the German town of Itzehoe between 50 Arabs and Kurds fighting with tables and chairs in a migrant shelter left six people injured. Hail Merkel?

A bloody brawl coming in

Will the statistics of 43 points per game prove right and give New Zealand Kiwis the trophy,or will the Aussies Kangaroos make history again as in 2011 and dance victoriously on the streets?

Nasty crossroads?

Will Jose Mourinho survive sixth Chelsea loss and still have owners support as the team's boss? Pray for a miracle.

A dance on thin ice in a bear country?

A militant group affiliated with ISIS has downed a Russian plane with 220 passengers aboard over the Sinai Peninsula. Will Putin retaliate and bomb the Saudi Arabia's oil terminals?

The Antikythera computer

An analog device consisting of an elaborate system of gears and dials found in a ship wreck in the Aegean sea near the Greek island of Antikythera may be the first human made programmable computer.Dated back to the 2nd century BC, its gears and dials mechanism could be used to display a calendar, track the phases of the moon, and to predict eclipses. One can only wonder if subsequent expeditions may discover devices like i-phones or ancient boom boxes. Hey, did Lady Goddess wear Victoria's Secret panties?

Pennies for rainy days

To make sure that 6 largest US banks can withstand another 2008 like crash without Government intervention, they need 120 bill. of new capital.

Can't take it no more

Chevron to layoff 7000 workers or 11% of workforce due to 47% drop in earnings and a slide in oil prices.

Time for payback

160 AlQaeda mujahedins were killed and two of the largest terror camps destroyed by US forces in Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.

Yet another jihadist crime

4 Kurdish peshmerga fighters were beheaded by ISIS following a rescue mission by US Special forces on prison camp.

Don't play with matches

A night club explosion in Bucharest leaves at least 30 dead and 100 injured due to fireworks explosion.

Monthly Market report 10/30/15/ts17152

With budget deal locked up by the Holy Trinity of Obama(The Father), McConnell(The son) and Ryan(The Holy Spirit), the market had discounted the flow of easy money continuing, so we may see some retrenchment to 16800 level, until the final candidates are defined and Yellen finds another reason to start the raid on DJI 21000+ level. $DJI futures -85, daily trailing stop at 17152, gold to test the 1100 level, USD/CHF rally topping out. The so called GOP debate was clearly a character assassination attempt on the whole group of candidates treated as bunch of retardos and loonies, an evil design concocted by RNC and their billionaires masters to crush the Tea party resistance and de-facto remove Trump out of the equation. With no visible strains on the International monetary system, Yellen is now in complete control to do as she pleases. Welcome to USA Banana Republic, a completely dysfunctional and corrupt Government, and the Institution of Congress disabled for the time being......D

I love barbed wire, it makes me feel warm inside.

Austria to build a razor wire topped fence along Slovenia border to try to stop the migrant invasion. Bulgaria build a similar fence on the Turkish border to prevent being over run by the Syrian refugee's wave.

Pray for the children

A 12 year old Dallas area boy was arrested with a detailed diagram for attack on his school,2nd attack arrest in a week. A 15 year old Dallas boy was preparing to open fire on his school.

Hail to Comrades Obama , McConnell & Ryan

Senate led by Obama friend and admirer Mitch McConnell and all other GOP Establishment yes men and boot lickers passed 2 year debt bill with no caps or ceiling. Why two years? Because one year will cover Obama's end of Presidency, and second year will cover the 1st year of our beloved next President, Comrade "Spendie" Sanders, with the Unified Party USA firmly in place and no money worries until the debt hits 30 Trillion dollars. Congress has indicated that despite passing the budget bill, there are riders included in the bill that can still shut down the Government. Cheers!

Mr. Spock's dream

Max Plank Institute in Germany to test plasma fusion generator called stellarator to produce clean energy.

No need for costumes

Should Megyn Kelly as Cruella de Vil, John Harwood as Frankenstein and Carl Quintanilla as Bill Sikes get together for Halloween? Make sure your children and pets are not around.

A Star war Halloween

A loving Dad turns his son's wheelchair into Halloween Star war Snow speeder. May the Force be with them.

Square of the Gods?

NASA space photo show Kazakhstan Neolithic monument in the center of a square with diagonals drawn, estimated to be 8000 years old.

The good Nino

El Nino has covered Chile Atacama desert with rivers of colorful yellow, red, purple and white flowers, for first time in years.

Psycho on the prowl

LA police on a high alert patrolling Ernest E. Debs park after bodies of two women were found by a passerby.

No wonder US lags in education

While big shot college Presidents make millions, adjunct professors with advanced degrees hardly make $25,000 and live on edge of poverty. In fact, one professor started working in a grocery store and made $40,000 more than in the University.

You is cheatin man, you is cheatin

US Mint is suspending exchange of bent or damaged coins for 6 months due to claims of illegal activity.

Legal hanky-panky"? A slippery slope?

By granting rights not included in the Constitution using the 1920 precedent,the SUPCO undermines democratic process,Justice Scalia says.

More victims of the Forex wars

Emerging markets lost 600 bill. in currency reserves in the Yellen initiated currency wars, a bad omen.

A mountain mystery

A crack in the earth 750 ft long and 50 feet wide observed by hunters at the foothills of Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Underground slide due to water flow suspected.

Market Report 10/29/15/ stop 17052

Dow Jones futures +8, stochastic at 95% forming a top, sell trailing stop 17052, USD/CHF sell at 0.9882, gold down, S1141,1100. With the election of Paul Ryan as a House Speaker, CFR has control over the TRINITY of POWER; Obama, McConnell and Ryan, therefore the Government is fully dysfunctional and the Fed is in charge using the FRBUS econometric model to control the markets.The incomprehensible arrogance of CNBC, a Gates fully owned subsidiary handling the GOP debate last night shows that the Council of the Billionaires consider anyone who stands in their way a worthless peace of trash that can be blown away, and American equivalent of the Communist motto, "You are with us or against us." Watch the trailing stop and act accordingly,since we may have observed what the historians will call "The last days of USA",US Constitution all but ignored, a group of insiders circumventing and disabling the Institutions of Government.......Disclaimer: Investing in the stock m

Bullets flying close to border

US child was shot and injured in the town of Camargo dominated by the Gulf Cartel and across from Rio Grande, TX. Baby's injuries are not life threatening according to the Mexican Police.

Watch them bears, they creep on things

4 Navy F18 were scrambled to escort 2 Russian TU142 Bear aircraft flying close to USS Reagan in the sea of Japan.No threat was detected.

New Constitution, new troubles

Violent protests in Nepal blocked border with India forcing the Government to make a deal with China to import oil and LNG products in the magnitude of 10,000 tons a month to this landlocked country.

Changes in the House of Saud? Stop the cruelty.

Saudi Arabia interior and defense ministers bin Nayef and bin Salman in a power struggle over reforms, wars and money revenue due to low oil prices. One good 1st step is to cancel the execution by crucifixion of the young protester Ali Al Nimr, and start behaving like civilized people instead treating prisoners like animals. His crimes are described as ""breaking allegiance with the ruler," "going out to a number of marches, demonstrations, and gatherings against the state and repeating some chants against the state," and using his cell phone to incite demonstrations, according to CNN.

A tug of deflation

The Gold/Silver ratio has been as low as 2 as recorded in Shakespeare immortal "Merchant of Venice" to 74 now,that is it takes 74 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold, a historical high. Yet the chart is in a downtrend,a sign weakness probably due to crashing energy and metal complex prices.Will the ratio come back to mean average if the interest rates are normalized? Almost certainly, but someone has to fire Janet Yellen first, and there ain't no body around to exorcise her, Obama being a Shiite Muslim and not trained in such a service.

We'll get even, I promise you

On National Cat Day embrace your cat and then look in neighbors yard for that one eyed stray cat that is badgering her.

Another fine victory

Trump won 3rd GOP debate,leading with 54% to 22% over Ted Cruz.Spared with foul mouths Kasich and Harwood.

Boycott CNBC

CNBC GOP Debate was like people throwing bones in a dog kennel, rude, mean, inhumane and grossly disrespectful. The blatant arrogance and hostility of the moderators was incomprehensible and offending to American norms of civilized behavior. John Harwood and Carl Quintanilla should be fired. Turn CNBC channel off and keep it that way.

From little kindle to a big nasty fire

Russia transport planes flying Iranian weapons and troops to Syria's air base of Latakia. Iranian Revolutionary Guards losses are reported to be significant, from privates to generals.

This thing got to stop

"Spendie" Sanders, almost certainly one time pot user in his early days as a hippy and Vietnam War protester, wants to remove pot from the list of illicit drugs and let states regulate it as tobacco and alcohol. He also said that 600,000 people currently in jail for pot possession had their lives destroyed and the law needs to be changed, i.e free them to the streets. Hey, his next proposal may be that Count Vlad the Impaler, affectionally known as Count Dracula, has also been bad mouthed in the movies for biting few folks, and we need a change of the law to make his habit mainstream.

From "cap" to "soc" to "com"?

Bill Gates,world richest man due to his investment in Microsoft, a child of capitalism says that the private sector is inept and the Government must drastically expand spending to fight the climate change. Is he endorsing what was his name, "Spend.. Spend...Sand..Sand...Sanders, that is the one?". But he is Social Communist ain't he? Like Hitler was a National Socialist and the Gestapo was his YMCA.

Too much greed, too much risc

Mounting losses of $6.5 bill.and other litigation and settlement charges forces DeutscheBank to layoff 9000 and get out of 10 countries.

Sign of a new Galactic life

A band of 35 pulsating young stars called Cepheids seen near the center of MilkyWay, indicating that a rebirth of our Galaxy is under way. They are only 25 million years old compared to our Sun, also known as a yellow dwarf that is 100 times older. The previous understanding was that the black hole center of the Milky Way , the Sagitarius A, will swallow the millions of old stars as they lose energy and collapse under the gravitational pull and decompose into waves of radiation.

Watch the railcars

Is China economy cracking under a heavy debt load? Sino Steel recently defaulted on a $315 mill. loan .

Another CFR patsy

Trump slams Kasich for working in Lehmann Brothers during 2008 crash,causing billions in losses to investors.

CNBC the low of the lowest, the slime of the sewers

Cruz attacked moderator John Harwood saying,"This is not a cage match", and for asking hostile and rude questions like, , "Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain?"," Carson, a world renown brain surgeon, can you do the math?." Shameful , disgusting and just a prelude as to what will happen in the USA if all proud and patriotic Americans don't put their shoulder to the wheel and run those bastards out of DC.

Was this a set-up? A character assassination attempt by insiders?

RNC chair slams CNBC for shameful,disappointing, rude and unprofessional treatment of GOP candidates. John Harwood should be fired and the CNBC network should be boycotted.

Market Report 10/28/15/Unlimited Debt/no caps/sts 17002

As expected John "I love Nancy" Boehner and the GOP Establishment made a deal with Obama to pass a no limit debt authorization for two years, to be supported by Paul "I would cut my own grandma's $817 a month SS check by a half" Ryan, another CFR soldier, traitor to the conservative principles and exponent of Soros "Open World" Foundation. Why the two year budget? Apparently the Unified Party USA is expecting the victor of the 2016 election to be one of theirs RomRym drones like Sanders or Hillary, hence the second year authorization would prevent a crash and embarrassment of the new President. As for the so called GOP debate, it was a disgusting and thinly veiled assassination attempt against Trump and the rest of the outsiders, helped by an attack by Kasich and others Establishment clowns on the anyone who would stand against the power grab in DC and continuing money printing by the Fed. In this view, it is clear that the markets and Yellen

I made it, almost made it

Brazil drug trafficker from Comando Vermelho cartel serving 36 year sentence tried to sneak out of prison disguised as an older woman, but did no go very far when frisked by female officers.

Old miners home

Dust lung affects 6 mill. workers in China and Yangjia Hospital in Zhejiang province treats many local miners by providing oxygen supplies, medical therapy and care despite declining funding from the local governments.

Quit cheating, quit stalling or get out

Florida newspaper editorial influenced by Jeb Bush tells Rubio to do his Senate job or resign and continue with the campaign. Return to Cuba suggestion next?

A rough day?

A NY family of 9 on vacation to Punta Cana were thrown out of a JetBlue flight and called "animals" after argument with the crew.

Simmering tensions in the Far East

The GPS waypoints of terror attack in Punjab that killed 11 and led to a day of firefight were traced back to a Pakistan airbase, US intelligence says. A major war was averted.

Get out before Latakia becomes Kabul

Russian soldier Vadim Kostenco 19 hanged himself, 1st soldier to die in Putin's Syria campaign. His father said that there were no signs of trauma on his body.

Drop the burka, put the black boots on

Germany to toughen Afghan and other deportations as the furor over migrants wave sinks Merkel polls and alienates her political allies. Yet being and obedient and dedicated soldier of the Council of Foreign Relations and the New World Disorder like her cousin Bushak Obama, she refuses to abandon Soros "Open World Society" and continues to betray the trust of the German people.

A bad stretch of road

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton were the greatest job creators and the Bushes followed by Bushack Obama greatest job destroyers, according to a new report.

You'll be our number 1

On GOP debate day Chief "I am a winner" Trump leads Carson by 14 points,erasing all previous doubts as of who is "Numero one" due to polls of the "Children of the corn".

Be nice. be kind

On National I Love You Day let's send our adversaries a greeting,our friends a kiss and take kitty out for a candlelight dinner.

When I was young I use to listen to the radio

World Series Royals vs Mets game ended up 5-4 in 14 innings, but Fox power blackout sent millions to the radio and the Internet.

Welcome to the Middle East, Illinois

Two Illinois Muslim truck drivers win a $240,000 jury verdict after being fired for refusing to deliver beer.

Market Report 10/27/15; Dogs crying at full moon

$DJI futures at +22, market resistance at 17600, support 16800, bounded above by declining trend high of 18381 in May, July and current high of 17650, slow stochastic at 92% decline support at 17044, sell trailing stop at 17601 breached by market close at 17581 for a gain of 1151 Dow points from the low of 16430. We still have to wait for technical indicators to flash an official "Sell" signal. Stand by. /GC Gold in a daily downtrend, support at 1141,resistance at 1408, USD/CHF rally has more to go, resistance at 1.000, support at 0.967. Charles Rangel, John Kasich and other Establishment lap dogs are wailing morbid cry about what will happen to the US if Trump or alike in elected.The question must be must paraphrased: What will happen to the US if he is not elected, given the current zero interest robbery and continuing printing money by Yellen.......Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by i

Time to go to prison?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah has moved to impeach the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for failing to comply with a Congressional subpoena, destroyed documents and misled the public.

On the tail of El Chapo

Mexico sized 11 planes,houses, drugs , weapons and other property in Sinaloa, hot on the trail of Trump's greatest admirer "El Chapo" Guzman.

Prison tech hit?

A drone carrying mobile phones, drugs, hacksaw blades and other material crashed at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester.

Start locking up criminals

FBI Chief James Comey says that very disturbing homicide spike in US is worrisome and needs attention. Every weekend there are more people shot in Chicago and Cleveland than in Syria.

Right to vote? What right? This is England.

In an act of immense arrogance the House of Lords is planning to remove hundreds of thousands of people from the electoral register by the end of the year.

Enigma of the Bernhard Riemann geometry

The center of our own Milky Way Galaxy,a black hole named Sagutarius A, has been mostly dark as expected to be by the hyperbolic curvature of space that captures and devours every passing object. It flared recently in a palette of bright fires, giving scientists reason to wonder if we are witnessing the remains of a passing gas cloud gas being crushed by the power of the black hole gravity, yet supposedly all light being convoluted, but apparently not.

Should GM be dissolved?

GM to recall 1.4 mill. vehicles for oil leaks and 267 confirmed engine fires dating back to 1998. Yes, this is the same GM that robbed its long time devoted shareholders from their money in 2008, courtesy of Obama, Rathner & Co in service to their hoodlum Union friends.

Bad man on the run

Police searching Kentucky rural Cumberland County for a fugitive registered sex offender who fired shots at law enforcement officers in two states.

Iran's gets eagle claws

Russia to sell 800 mill. of long range S300 surface to air missiles to Iran that can topple aircraft and long range ballistic missiles. Where did Iran get the cash for all this? Putin secret admirer Comrade Barack Huseinovitch Obama just handed them a check for 150 billion, partly used to send the IRG battalions into Syria, and the rest to build few nuclear bombs and other toys, just in case.

A ma get me some bread, dude

US to sell up to 103 millions barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve between 2016 and 2018 to raise cash and rebuild strategic weapons.

Putin running out of money

Obama sincere sanctions and lower oil and metal prices to lead to a drop in Russia two reserve funds, one by a half in 2016 and other by lower amount next year.

Market Report 10/26/15. All is quiet in the USA

As expected, the Unified Party USA and CFR devoted soldier John "I admire Obama" Boehner made sure that the House passed the debt limit with all the trimmings required before handing the job to yet another CFR type, Romney's favored boy Paul "I will chop off the SS check of my own grandma" Ryan. Therefore, all money are stashed surely in place and our thesis that a rally from the low on October 2 of 16300 will be the base for a gigantic rally to the 21,000+ level of the DJI remains in place, glorifying all the accomplishments of Obama,Buffett & Co in preparation of electing Hillary or Comrade "Spendie" Sanders as our new President. This of course implies that Trump, Carson and the RomRyns will be a shameful history by then, undermined daily by the GOP Establishment, and that we are facing a debt of 40 trillions of dollars and for sure devaluation of the currency in the future. Today the Dow Jones futures are at -7,sell trailing stop 17576,st

A window in the long gone past

Remains of an ancient warrior along with exquisite Minoan treasure of pearls, gold artifacts and man's sword found on the Greek island of Crete dating back 3500 years ago.

Drop the steak, grab the turnip

A study by group of WHO scientists in Lyon, France classified processed meat as carcinogenic to humans, leading to colon, colorectal, breast, prostate and bladder cancers. Based on 20 year data base, eating from 50 to 100 grams of red meat per day increases the probability of cancers by 18%.

Nasty SOB's

An United flight disabled passenger with cerebral palsy was forced to crawl of the plane to go to the bathroom while attendants looked on. Shame on them.

Destructive "We"

Since humans came to Bahamas 1000 years ago, excavation of an fossil trench shows that 22 species of reptiles,birds and mammals vanished on Abaco island.

ISIS gets mauled by the bear; taste of own blood?

The Russian Air force bombs 285 targets in 3 days, disrupting ISIS, Al Nusra Brigade and Obama's "rebel boys" supply routes near Aleppo. A nice way to test jihadist's intestinal fortitude, ain't it? With your head half way in bear's mouth? We'll see if they have time to behead people in near futures, or fold their tails and run for miserable lives?

A moral man amongst pimps and prostitutes

Trump says PAC's are scam, unfair and "I will not be controlled by donors, special interests and lobbyists".

President Sanders?

Voters in 6 critical electoral votes states say that Hillary is not honest and trustworthy, lacking leadership skills, giving Sanders the nod.

Shabby team-mate

Giants gain following Dwayne Harris 100 yard kick leads to Greg Hardy shouting at injured wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Take a shot

Do you need the monday motivation to get into the same madness you left last week? A secret sip of peach schnapps perhaps? Be private and send e-mails instead of being a close talker.

Wolves out of the cage

US Sentencing Commission to release 6000 hard drug convicted felons on November 1 to save $30,000 per person in prison costs,not counting hospital, law enforcement and funeral expenses of past or future victims.

End of a violent trilogy.

Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker fought a bloody WWE Hell In the Cell match using everything from chairs to tables to make a point. Lesnar won the battle.

Ready for the revolution

Authorities in Pageland SC confiscated between 700 and 10,000 guns in a drug bust, mostly stolen .

Sugar Daddy

"My father gave me a loan of one million dollars and I had to pay him back with interest,it has not been easy for me," Trump says.

Act of God

7.5 magnitude on Richter scale earthquake in Hindu Kush mountains bordering Pakistan and China killed 98 and injured 600.

A big dirty cheating going on

US regulators and AG of NY are heading a $6 Bill. investigation into Deutche Bank Moscow unit using mirror trades to launder money in Russia across state lines without disclosure through the usual channels.

No to migration, yes to Poland

Poland Law and Justice conservative party won 39% of the vote,a sharp right turn against the migrants invasion and spending more money on the poor.

Viva Ronald Trump

7 out of 10 registered GOP voters think that Trump is the most electable candidate for the party in 2016. Will the base overcome the idiocy of the Koch Brothers who view the GOP as their wholly owned subsidiary? I doubt it.

Yuan gets a long overdue promotion

IMF gives a green light to inclusion of China's yuan as part of the SDR for the world reserve currency. Parle vu Chinese? You better and soon.

El Patron is back

Alberto del Rio with Zeb Coulter in tow returned to WWE hell in a cell to beat John Cena for the US Open Challenge. Was fired in 2014 for a fight with a WWE employee.

A bet on disputed area

India to build 2000 km.road in Arunachal Pradesh along China's border,a poor area with large undeveloped resources.

Words of reason, words of wisdom

Chief Trump says that the Benghazi hearing spat was full with hatred, very partisan and divisive, Hillary not an enemy but a competitor. He concluded by saying, "I will unify the country." Doesn't he sound Presidential?

Back to the Morse code and Enigma?

Why are Russia subs and spy ships loitering near critical nodes of undersea Internet and data cables? Is a rake in the US eyes coming? Should the military develop an emergency Morse code based system enhanced with the latest computer technology to ward of such an attack? Russia had indicated the advent of a new class of robotic subs that can penetrate harbors and do the exact kind of damage that can blind and interrupt US commerce and defense systems.

Patriots runaway train

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to 30-23 victory over the New York Jets and managed more than 350 yards of offense against the 1st line of defense in NFL.

ISIS secred ally?

Is the harsh Syria climate grinding Russia's military contingent to a halt soon? Many planes grounded already? Reports say that from 1/3 to a half of all fighters bombers and transport aircraft are down due to heavy maintenance required by the extreme temperatures and particles soaked desert air.

A crazy game in London

Bills Corey Graham interception crushed Jaguars 27-3 initial lead, but then Blake Bortles touchdown sealed the win at 34-31.

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

Say no to evil

Turn of the channel on movie, TV & political types who have ignored & offended Christ's doctrine. Boycott them, walk away& let them dry — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 10, 2015

The third re-incarnation of the Prince of Darkness

It has been said that non christian man will trick the gentiles to crown him leader of Christendom, then destroy it. Any recent names? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2012

Bush feathers flying again

Jeb is a guy who wants to run our country, he can't even run his own campaign, is losing badly and embarrassing his family,Trump said.

China's stealthy adventures in Niger

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)has gained exploration rights to the uranium mine at Azelik in competition with nuclear-services giant Areva that has been mining in Niger for half a century, providing most of the fuel for the nuclear plants in France. New contracts demanded that limiting concessions be placed on foreign companies including CNNC and promises of increased infrastructural and agricultural investment, higher export taxes and greater government share of the uranium revenue. This opened a window of opportunity for China to invade the African uranium and other commodities markets, making it independent from the monopoly of the West, and become the power broker of the continent.

Plentiful water to the desert

Researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt have created a system of water filtration that uses the process of pervaporation by means of cellulose acetate powder filters that remove large particles from the salt water.It is simple, affordable and the chemicals needed are widely available in the Middle East.

Die for Jihad

Al Qaeda fighter Abu Basir Al-Britani is apparently a son of Hollywood producer, a member of Al-Nusra Al-Qaeda branch in Syria due to his belief that it was his religious duty to fight jihad. Al-Britani was educated in schools in the Middle East and Britain, and was alienated from his father for years.

Bear den's popping out all over.

Russia to build Arctic bases on South Kuriles, Wrangel and Kotelny Islands and at Cape Schmidt. South Kuriles bases are less than 50 miles from Japan,the others are about 300 miles from the US. Watch it Bam, that cracker Putin may be building a base behind your house in Chicago

I ain't paying, amigos

Puerto Rico to show a long, curved middle finger as a payment to Wall Street hedge funds 72 bill. debt;"Me no esta pagando,amigos."

Drunk or crazed?

Drunk driver crashes at high speed into Oklahoma State Parade killing 3 and injuring 20,police says.

A new page of Adele's story

With her brand new album,"25"on the way,Adele has her 1st interview with i_D and talks about her life as a mom and the fear of fame.

A legend slips away

Actress Maureen O'Hara,the red haired Irish beauty famed for her roles in "The Quiet Man" and "The Miracle on 34th Street", passed away in her sleep at age of 95.

EU tensions rising

Sweden's city of Trollhattan stabbing attack by a local man that killed two children and injured another two was a racist crime based on the skin color of the victims and clearly aimed at migrants.

Is Jeb Carson the next target?

Ben Carson is a super low energy person,Trump says despite support from women and sleepy religious conservatives in the corn fields. Do you want to send him two cheeseburgers, large fries, onion rings and a giant coke Chief?

King Kong Moska or Abdulah the Butcher?

Trump called Sanders a maniac.That is incorrect Chief: Sanders is a democratic socialist who wants to take over sectors of the economy to improve the lives of the citizens by using the powers of the state.Sounds almost like Hitler Jr., doesn't it ? Take your pick from above.

Bad blood lingers

Due to 500 million dollars pending lawsuit against Univision and perceived conflict of interest its crews were thrown out of a Trump campaign event at Doral Hotel in Florida.

The curse of the stupid

The GOP Establishment dream of destroying Chief Trump turned into a nightmare: they lost his loud mouth and won IA endorsed religious fanatic Carson, who is not only dangerous to the Mexicans, but to all Americans. Hey, he may operate on some of the RNC supporters and staff who are badly in need of artificial intelligence.

A bad start for Chelsea

Will Chelsea recover from the West Ham goal with Matic sent off and Mourinho thrown to the stands?

Payet touched by fan's words

Is Dimitri Payet the re-incarnation of Zinedine Zidane?West Ham fans thought so after 3-1 win over Crystal Palace.

Let's pray for lives

People should pray for Mexico that lives and property are spared in a country were many are without insurance.

El Nino anger

The 170 mi/hour winds of Hurricane Patricia slammed into SW Mexico coast flooding Puerto Vallarta and fishing villages. Thousands sought refuge on higher ground in schools and shelters.

Market Report 10/23/15; All clear, GOP lost again.

Dow Jones futures +136, stochastic 87%, Market Resistance at 17800, Support 16800,sell trailing stop at 17465, the tape is running as if GOP threat of mass deportations and other Trump horrors is over. This is a contradiction, since reports indicate that hedge funds and Wall street houses have losses in trading and low fees income, and CAT and IBM have indicated lower earnings ahead. Hence the rally could be attributed to short covering up to here, and probably to a political move to prop the candidacy of Hillary or possibly Sanders.Gold /GC has a daily sell, while the monthly has the 1st buy in over sixty months. This indicates inflation expectations and higher interest rates ahead, exactly opposite to what the Federal Reserve is trying to make people believe.....Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice t

Sweet dreams out, sore bills in

Eight GOP RomRyn's candidates led by Jeb may soon end up pushing the out of gas 1963 Rambler down to Texas.Two Dem's are out too. It is incredible to observe how all this people would spend millions of donor's money without any understanding of the basic premise of this election, which is that a bunch of billionaires have taken over the institutions of US Government and are stealing billions, if not trillions of taxpayers money in plain view. Yet only Trump mentioned it and he will forced out of the elections process for his disobedience to the New World Disorder, the others were silent and stupid, or paid to be so.

Statements without substance

IA GOP base likes Carson comment that President should swear to the Bible, not the Koran.Good,but EU is under Islam attack right now. The New World Disorder will never allow an anti-Muslim President to be elected in US, never. Carson is way to the right of Trump, despite his mild demeanor.

IA likes Carson's history lesson

Iowa GOP base appreciate Carson comments that Holocaust could not have happened if Germans were armed. What he is not saying is that Weimar inflation decimated Germany and build the base to elect Hitler, a National Socialist, just like how Janet Yellen's money printing is about to elect Sanders who is Social-Communist.

Despite the rally, the bloodshed on Wall Street continues

Pershing Capital Bill Ackman PAH,(Platform Specialty Products) holding lost a 1bill. in addition to huge losses in his biggest position VRX.T, (Valeant Pharmaceuticals).

Ladder, what ladder?