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Obama orders the production of a new US made super computer that can spell "Trump is coming" 1 millionth of a second faster than the fastest Chinese computer. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 31, 2015
Chinese scientists discover an ocean of salt water five times larger than the great lakes, below the remote vast expanse of the Tarim desert. Maybe China can use the new resource to pump large amounts of water for environmental cleaning and ecosystems renewal. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 31, 2015
Turkey bombs Kurdish positions in a silent and secret alliance with Isil. Troubles in Obama's Middle East family? Someone spilled the Turks coffee? Obama surgical strikes ain't working? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 31, 2015
Mexican peso is the latest victim of the raging currency war, at a record low with Bank of Mexico selling dollars. Sign of things to come? Perhaps a fear of Chief "Wild Don" Trump and his Barbarians at the gates of Mexico city, demanding money for the new 24 foot tall border fence? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 31, 2015

Swiss Bank loss

Swiss National bank loss is 51 billion in the 1st half, 3 billion in gold and about 49 billion in FOREX trading, joining Bank of Russia and many other victims of the currency war initiated by Yellen's "Internal financing". What's next? Central Banks cannot afford to lose billions like that, it is easier to simply refuse to take dollars instead. Then what? Then the smell will get out and the Soros's manipulators will be faced with a terrible dilemma; deflate the currency and shave 30% to 40% of the value of the US dollar, or unleash another mad money printing wave and face a hyper inflationary collapse.

Putin's red telephone

According to recent reports, the corruption in Russia has gotten so bad that FSD, the grand-daughter of the infamous KGB is one of the largest players in the money laundering business as one of its major sources of funding, and to naturally prevent non-professionals from getting the lion's share of the loot. With the massive rout currently in the metal and energy markets, the major sources of income for the Russian Government, and continued FOREX war waged by US on the ruble, one cannot help but wonder how long will it take for the 300 billions of Bank of Russia reserve fund to evaporate and then face the Russians with terrible choice: go back to the Stalin's Gulags or get rid of Putin and put a strong man like Chechen war lord Kadyrov as a leader of one the most violent fascist movement in the world. How a nation that lost 20 million souls in the war with the Nazis can arrive to such a junction and who will be in charge of Putin's red telephone is a mystery, but let

Gas station, please?

Two Allegiant executives flew an MD airliner with 140 aboard, just to find themselves out of fuel shortly after takeoff and managed to land on an abandoned airport. It is not clear who signed for this plane to fly and whether they were smoking pot or snuffing paint, but one cannot help recalling the joke about the dentist who enjoyed skydiving without a parachute.

Achtung: Drones above

A Kentucky man shoots s down a drone over his property peeking on his daughter sun bathing in the back yard, then gets arrested for discharging a weapon within city limits. What do you do if drone comes over your property? Shoot a large piece of bubblegum to weight it down? Use heavy duty insulation foam to entomb it in plastic? How about a pulsing water hose used for ground to air defense to tickled it down? Check your underwear for Amazon drones making un-announced deliveries.

Immigration blackmail

Hispanic Jesus Deniz attacks a Montana family after asking for roadside help, two dead, one in Hospital. Another senseless "Steinle" like murders, courtesy of the New World Disorder open border policy. Are people being attacked at random, or are the illegals waging war on Americans to intimidate us into submission to Obama's immigration blackmail?

Boycott FOX and CNN

Let's stop paying for the mansions of TV, movie and political outfits and their CFR pundits, like Fox and CNN, who have offended the Judeo Christian doctrine and the US Constitution. Turn of the channel, boycott them and let them dry.

Banking crash ahead

The inevitable raise of interest rates even by the admission of Obama's stooge Janet Yellen and supported by the dollar manipulation in Treasury, is forcing Bank of Russia to stop purchase of foreign currency in order to stem the falling ruble, with reserves down to $300 billion. Bank of Saudi Arabia is also burning currency reserves as fire, and many OPEC sovereign funds are nearly depleted. Yet the Federal Reserve stated recently that they can expand the balance sheet to infinity, meaning that they can print all the money they need to prevent crash in the US. But what if the crash comes from outside? What then? What if all Chinese companies delivering stuff to Walmart go bankrupt?

Middle Finger at Fox.

The proud Americans of Great State of New Hampshire showed a long middle finger at obnoxious Fox News, telling them that the voters, not their executives will decide how and which candidates will interact with voters. Why should FOX and CNN, two private held entities closely associated with CFR, decide which candidates will take part in the debates?

Trump let feathers fly

Chief "Wild Don" Trump is leading the GOP pack, with "I busted the Unions" Walker and "My family loves Mexicans" Bush way back, all other GOP clowns not even worth mentioning. Yet Trump brings a whiff of fresh air in the lies soaked air of American politics with comments like, "Pataki cannot even get a job as dog catcher", Kasich, the secret dream of Establishment GOP, "John was a partner in Lehman Bros., that almost destroyed US", "George Will's wife works for Walker" and finally, "Obama is US worst President and should resign". The question is how long the Council of Foreign Relations backers of Unified Party USA would tolerate a man that is undermining their convoluted dream of World dominance before striking at him?

Will Obama run again?

Obama says during his Africa trip that he would love to continue his messianic journey and run again if allowed by law. But can his supporters change the Constitution in his favor? Senator Cruz found 76 cases where Obama broke the separation of powers by committing lawless acts, and Prof. Turley stated in testimony before Congress that Obama actions had brought this country on the verge of a Constitutional crisis. Fortunately, we have Chief "Wild Don" Trump galloping on his white horse towards the finish line, and this may turn to be the salvation of America.

1929 lesson

The crumbling Chinese stock market has taken millions of citizens to the cleaners, as the story of a farmer who lost all his capital of $200,000 plus margin debt of nearly a million. How long a smarts smile will adorn Auntie Yellen face before the Chinese Government start selling the trillions of US securities, or mass defaults of corporate debt takes US down to the mud? Time to raise cash for six months of house expenses?
Is another war between China and India on the way over Yarlung river diverting plans by the Chinese? Two nuclear powered members of the Brick block,(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) armed to the teeth with Russian weapons. Who will be the ultimate winner? Grandma Putin, naturally!
Could it be that Joe Biden is the "wild card" in the coming election, a "Big Mouth" versus a "Big Ego", a rerun of the 70s mentalities? A "wacky charm" that make people forget the indiscretions of the Dem's versus "You are fired" blunt always winning style of Chief "Wild Don" Trump? Only one thing is certain; if $DJI stays above 17,000 until the elections, may be Biden will have chance to get the nod in this battle of the "seniors".
Should President Trump's first act in office be the occupation of Chicago, then running all drug dealers down south and taking over Mexico, then running all the cartels down to Central America? Sara Palin will be an excellent choice for a Governor of the new protectorate as all illegals should return to their now free country and perhaps take some of the open borders crowd with them. Tempting proposition, ain't it?
The Chinese are about to get the worst lesson in their 5000 year history; getting involved with the one eyed pirates and cut throats of the so called NYSE "Free Market" economy, learning to play the rigged option market, and now trying to stop the melting of 2 Trillion yuan margin debt with 100 billion yuan intervention.
50% of Americans live on $40 per day,30% on $10 to $35 per day and 20% on less than $10 per day,compared to $10 per person overseas. Another 8 years of Obama like rule will erase the middle class and we will join the world.
Jeb "My family loves open borders" Bush wants legal status for illegals, the same as "It takes a village to raise an idiot" Hillary Clinton. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 29, 2015
US to deploy B61-12, a 50 kiloton bomb that may tempt Obama to strike at Russia or China should they cross the line in South China sea or Ukraine.
Establishment GOP is throwing mud at Chief Trump, still he has 2 to 1 more support in New Hampshire that "outsider" Bush. More dirt coming? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 29, 2015
Welcome to the revolution; emboldened by Chief "Wild Don" Trump leadership, Congress Republicans to try to get rid of the "traitors to conservative movement" Boehner and McConnell. More heads to roll soon? Trouble for Obama coming?
Auntie Yellen printed few billions of fresh 13 dollar bills & stopped the $DJI decline at 17400, but for how long?Mkt. making declining tops — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 29, 2015
Fox News drops the mask & shows it is the mouth peace of CFR as Mr.Murdock says: "Donald must stop embarrassing his friends & country." — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
Cruz starts a fistfight with Obama when claims:" He is the largest sponsor of state sponsored terrorism."US plans to give Iran 150 bill. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
The New World Disorder controlled media cranks up the lies machine in order to discredit Chief "Wild Don" Trump,but he declares: "I am not a member of Council of Foreign Relations."
If the fourteen obnoxious clowns of so called GOP Establishment Presidential hopefuls had any pride or sense of National responsibility, they should resign and support Chief "Wild Don" Trump's crusade. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
A cold wind of Trump's syndrome shivers the markets as Obama lap dogs that have been sucking people's money jump ship. $DJI below 17500. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
Nine teachers receiving awards by Obama were in US illegally. Hey, why not give awards to Isil and Cartel teachers for beheading people? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
China's markets are falling despite Government intervention of 100 Billion yuan. It is a fear that Chief "Wild Don" Trump will repatriate all US business? Is it the end of a forty year outrage and state sponsored robbery of the American people, initiated by the "Establishment" GOP and their CFR masters? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015
Rumors that chills of fear are climbing up Yellen's spine.It that why futures are up this morning? Trying to save Obama's miserable legacy by printing another wad of bogus dollar bills and delay the drop for after the elections? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 28, 2015

Trump vs Walker

Scot Walker, probably the only good GOP candidate that could have joined Trump's crusade, has broken his "insults" truce by one of his supporters calling Chief "Wild Don" a "dumb dumb". The absolute furry of the Establishment that Trump may change the current order of endless robbery of the American people and the world by using the "Internal financing" scheme to siphon money & commodities from others is exploding. Watch for flying size 15 Republican's leather shoes. This will get bloody very soon.

Jim Crow vs political correctness

The call for mercy and repentance of Hulk Hogan may have irked some,but think of the one million "Young Black Men" in jail, the silent victims of the raging drug war in the US inner cities, ravaged by crime and poverty, courtesy of Obama , Unified Party USA & Co. Who has mercy for them? The political correctness of the politicians is "make feel good" for one abuser, but how about the human rights violations of the people locked in jail for 23 hours a day for life? Who has mercy or pleads on their behalf during the tenure of our 1st black President? Certainly not the political correctness or its exponents. There are more black man in jail than during Jim Crow. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 27, 2015

Watch for bears.

Shanghai Mkt. down 8.5%, biggest drop in 8 years on 3 Trill. yuan margin debt, Dow futures pointing to open below 17500. Chinese Government desperately trying to stop the selling. So did Pres. Hoover in 1929. Watch for bears. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 27, 2015

The smoking mirrors of Obama/Buffett economics.

According to a recent report twelve of US largest cities, from Las Vegas to New York to Detroit have poverty rate between 25% and nearly 50%, in many cases family of four earning less than $25,000/year. One of the largest cluster of cities living in misery is not surprisingly in Ohio , an early victim of Reagan & Co "Dr. Mengele" like supply side economics that ravaged the industrial heart of our country by sending billions of plant, technology and capital to our Chinese "friends and partners". It is important to point out that the people around Reagan, like Bush 41, Cheney and later Bush 43 coined the term "New World Order" and their cronies, Congress GOP leaders John Pelosi and Harry McConnell who have been working hand in hand with Obama in removing caps on the National debt and letting the Federal Reserve print 4.3 Trillion of dollars in support of Obama/Buffett convoluted dream. That we observe such a blatant poverty in the 7th year of the s

Who has the high ground?

The world's imagination was captured recently by the "Count de Monte Cristo" like escape of "El Chapo" Guzman from the jail whose staff apparently was on his payroll. Now instead planning his revenge against Chief "Wild Don" Trump, he better put his house in order to crush all rebellion by rival cartels before another spike in violence unleashes a river of blood in Mexico. The Unified Party USA serfs of the New World Disorder have put their nose in Ukraine in defense of the fascist government of Poroshenko in a bid to destabilize Russia, which led to the death of some five thousand civilians. Meanwhile, our beloved President Mr. Obama in violation of his oath of office to protect the country, left the southern border open to a narco state war that had reportedly killed 60,000 civilians, many found in unmarked graves like in Bosnia. Now "paid to bark" hound dogs of the Council of Foreign Relations controlled networks are howling murder
On Saturday's page C1 of WJ there are sixteen photos of GOP candidates. Who are the bottom two? Winner may get a vacation and sensitivity training at the Mexico border. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 26, 2015
On this day of peace, let's forget the terror of political correctness,forgive Hulk Hogan and let him repent and apologize.Jesus would have. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 26, 2015
Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015

The lion sleeps tonight

With the VA running out of funds and on the verge of closing clinics and hospitals leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans without care, mass shootings by terrorists, illegals and other lunatics, Obama found very bad time to dance under the southern stars dressed in native attire and sleep in the jungle guarded by a personal lion named Bobo.
With pee walls on, what's next? Fart detecting underwear alerting the EPA that terrorist act was committed?Imposible U say?Wait for Sanders. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
Obama Sr., aka as Hillary Clinton's ass is in hot water for disclosing secrets in her e-mail. True or prep for crazy hippie Bernie Sanders? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
GOP/Tea Party divorce? Cruz calls McConnell a liar for Ex/Im. bank amendment& vote for no debt caps&refusal to shut down DHS."A traitor"? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
Sinaloa's"El Chapo" owned the jails he was in & killed Cardinal Ocampo fearing he may disclose info on MX&US Gov. involvement with cartels. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
China stealth drone "Shendiao" may strike US ships&aircraft in case of attack on the mainland.Drums of war?Strike on the Philippines coming? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
San Francisco introduces pee repellent walls that pee right back at you. A human rights violation? Where do U pee if U live in a trash can? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
The real estate inflation in Obama "favored" cities is exploding while gold&oil R crashing. A contradiction or poltical tool for oppression? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 25, 2015
Trump tells Cooper "People don't trust you", border union pulls out of meeting him & PC reporters traumatized by his language. Is he branded? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 24, 2015
Mutant daisies grow near Fukushima&mutant people near Chernobyl.Thing for Obama to consider before starting WW3 in defense of Kiev fascists. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 24, 2015
The Nordic Prince Chief "Wild Don" Trump and his barbaric horde are at the gates of "Establishment GOP" castle, the heads of "conservative traitors" McCain and Graham already chopped off. Will more mutton heads fall soon and up at the end of pike on city walls? The stupidity, arrogance and criminal negligence of GOP is incomprehensible, no wonder very shrewd Obama has been playing them for seven years. The net result? They will lose the election and Dems will push some other commie hippie that will transform USA into a Greece like country whose dysfunctional government will pay with feta cheese and olives debt of 40 trillions if that is still possible.
The oil crash is the worst in 45 years, 70,000 jobs lost and 130 billion in expenditures cancelled, while OPEC keeps output up in the unfolding war with US shale patch. The current break of the critical 1300 level of gold points to a massive deflation directly ahead and possible drop of $DIA down to 11,200 level.
Janet Yellen is doing her best to keep US markets appear not vulnerable to the violent waves of the world economy, but for how long? The Canadian dollar is at all time low due to falling commodities, and China markets are crushed by deflationary wave under way, so much so that major hedge funds bulls are bracing for low returns or losses. If $DJI breaks below 17500, watch out.
During times when anti-Semitic attacks are at all time high, Ukrainian fascists raise they ugly heads, holding and torturing civilians hostages. Did Obama trade Greece for Ukraine with Putin? Clock ticking on Poroshenko? An attack on all fronts towards Kiev coming soon?
It has been said that non christian man will trick the gentiles to crown him leader of Christendom, then destroy it. Could that be Obama? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 24, 2015
That a wealthy and so successful person like Chief "Wild Don" Trump has left his personal comfort to stand up to the GOP Establishment and other frightful "Wall of traitors" brings honor to him, his family and this country. May the good Lord bless him, his family, the people of uniform and most importantly our veterans that have been left without care in the coming shutdowns of VA facilities due to the treachery of the politicians of Unified Party USA.

Chief "Wild Don" Trump vs RNC

Chief "Wild Don" Trump to raise "hell" if the GOP Big Wigs ignore and offend his campaign. Being a part of the very well paid Unified Party USA and getting they share of the wholesale robbing and devouring the USA from within, you can bet that they will do their upmost to remain on course drawn by the Elite New World Disorder. RNC would like very much to put Chief Trump in an elevator and fully depress the "Infinity" button.

Clean water

Nanoparticles technology to help clean waste water without residue, according to MIT. Now if they can produce trash eating sharks and clean up the oceans of all the garbage will be even better. How about "politician" eating sharks? It will fantastic, wouldn't it?

Selfie Up there

NASA discovers an Earth like planet 1400 light years away, Kepler452b and according to rumors emissions of fast food restaurants and pot are detected;also strange looking beings taking selfies reportedly observed.
Turn of the channel on movie, TV & news outfits who have ignored & offended American Constitution. Boycott them& walk away — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Did U know that Mrs. Murdock & Soros R both members of CFR? Robert said that "Trump should stop embarrassing his friends & country". Really? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Master Buffett railroad car produced & Market Cap/GDP indicators flashing "sell" signals after the financial chicanery of the last 6 years. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Reverse finance engineering of late by reducing float to raise earning, last done in CAT. Now lies R unwinding and profits R sharply down. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Large block of gold selling at opening of Shanghai trading,Canadian dollar down also. Rumors of Fed manipulating markets by selling futures. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Russia building gold reserves,leading to issue of inflation backed ETF that was gulped up by the market, even at this low oil price.Not bad! — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015
Retired China General wants Philippines disputed reef taken by force.The end of Obama downplaying Chinese aggression? Real war coming soon? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 23, 2015

Gold's up and down's

The gold rally started under Nixon at $45/ounce, topped at $875 during Reagans second term, dropped to $250 in Clinton's second term, then started a new rally from the $850 level in the 1st term of Bush 43, and then reached all time high of $1850/ ounce during Bush 43 second term. Now the whole rally was wiped out by penetrating the 50% level of $1300, hence by the 50% principle we are going back down to $850/ounce. Next critical level is $550/ounce, where the contraction of gold collateral of all central bank will cause a deflationary crash, since the glut of oil and low gold price means a wave of bankruptcies in the oil patch, sovereign debt in OPEC and wayward consumers that bought real estate at average gold price of $1100/ ounce, and have to repay it at lower gold mark to market price. So the idiotic policy of Janet Yellen of internal financing the Treasury debt by printing money is about to turn into a giant trap for those who were shedding tears about the courage of Lady
Emperor Obama (May He guide us for another year or so),has decided to go where Napoleon and Hitler failed, that is to crush Russia on its knees to the New World Disorder. For a Son of God who even does not care to call the National Guard to round up the drug dealers behind his house in Chicago, or seal the US Mexico border to the wave of drug gangs crime pouring in, this is an impossible task. In a very predictable line of destructive International actions, starting with "the revolution" in Egypt at cost to US of 750 Mill. of dollars, Mubarak was sent to jail and replaced with Morsi, then Morsi sentenced to death and replaced with Sisi, and the beautiful 750 Mill. went to that "cracker" Putin to pay for Russian weaponry. Then He decided to send his "revolutionaries" to Kiev in support of the dirty fascist Poroshenko, sparking yet another war.Next step was so brilliant that one can frame it; one of his advisers called Israeli PM Netanyahu "a piece of
The arrogant Fox News CFR types call GOP electorate the "base".The boiling "anger" of the base may burn GOP ass&throw US to extreme right. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
GOP alphabet has the letters "e,m,n,o,y"&one word "money",losing two elections&still acting stupid.Chief Trump just added new word,"idiots". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
Is an imminent airborne assault onTrump's offices by GOP in the cards? Will they take him to the basement of RNC for sensitivity training? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
It is interesting to hear what Chief "Wild Don" Trump has to say about Yellen outrageous internal financing&will he fire her once in office. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
Jeb "The outsider" Bush has 98 mill. war chest just for the primaries, an indication that some R willing to spend a billion to rid of Trump. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
Putin halts an advanced bomber design,building instead more TU 160's .Still dreaming to goose stepping on Red Square,but with sneackers? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
Obama has apologized to almost everyone, except when someone from his inner circle advisers called the Israel PM "A piece of chicken shit". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 22, 2015
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is for the Presidency & Vice presidency of the United States, in the red corner hailing from New York City at 310 pounds, please welcome Chief "Wild Don" Trump and his partner from Houston, Texas at 245 pounds, Ted "McConnell is a liar" Cruz, "The GOP Establishment Busters"!!!! And in the blue corner at 285 pounds, hailing from "Takes a village to raise an idiot", please welcome Hillary "Give me Ur money" Clinton, and her partner at 245 pounds from Outsider Florida, Jeb "My family loves open borders" Bush, "The Dynasty Divas"!!!!
Yesterday Chief Trump was worried of "El Chapo"; now 12 GOP character assassins of O'Reilly likeness try to discredits him & earn their pay. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 21, 2015
Turn of the channel on movie, TV & political oufits like Fox News who have ignored & offended American Constitution.Boycott them& walk away. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 21, 2015
Why Obama did not order flags half staff down after Chattanooga shooting?Cuddling Islamic terrorists again? Offending the people in uniform? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 21, 2015
Calling McCain a "loser" is a mistake;The "Establishment" GOP who violated oath of office& supported Obama made all of us lose $60k/person. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 21, 2015
Chief "Wild Don" Trump should move headquarters to an abandoned salt mine under lake Erie; if Fox News /GOP attacks he can tunnel to Canada. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 21, 2015
Gold breaks support of 1130, down to 1004,target 819.Minicrash due to China selling. What happens when foreigners dump 4.5 Trill. US debt? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Blatant manipulation of metals& energy mkts. by Feds is de-stabilizing Int. banking system& Brick Block, herding people into dollars assets. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Russia 80 regions debt spending up to 42 bill.&facing default due to chokehold by the West.Treaty of Versailles tricks again?Adolf coming? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
New down leg in gold, support 819,518 possible.US Treasury selling naked futures undermining banks collateral&inviting a deflationary crash. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Yellen keeping int, rates close to zero by printing money obscures the crash in China whose total debt is in trillions. Watch what U wish. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
"El Chapo" is an aging angel compared to drug boss "El Mencho" who likes playing with rocket launchers.Open border to a violent narco state? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Silicon Valley 47 Bill. start-ups R at sky high valuations& booming real estate propped by the Fed. political dreams, a recipe for disaster. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Loud scream by GOP when Chief "Wild Don" Trump puts a size 15 shoe on the "yellow tail" of McCain, a war hero & Unified Party USA principal. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Chief "Wild Don" Trump pinched again the fat ass of "Establishment" yes men & bootlickers GOP. Divorce imminent? Third Party on? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
While Chief "Wild Don" Trump & GOP R in "no holds barred" ladders, tables & chairs match, Obama is back to his roots, helping those in jail. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
"$65,000" smile on the face of Obama Sr., aka as Hillary?Trump & the GOP tossing eggs at each other must be music to her ears. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
The relentless&brutal suppression by Congress GOP "Establishment" leaders of "Tea Party" revolution ensures that 3rd party is coming soon. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 20, 2015
Rumors of Mr.Soros short S&P/long double cross stocks bet in the billions. It is significant that Obama insider is hedging a Trump victory. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 19, 2015
Did the Iranians break Kerry's leg or he slipped?They will cheat& lie to get the bomb. "The Endless Beginning" or beginning of the end.. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 19, 2015
"Ohio the heart of it all" still struggling.Chiefs Trump&Walker horsemen on the horizon chasing bunch of GOP yes men&booth lickers.Stand by. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 19, 2015
The crowd of obnoxious,arrogant & pathetic GOP "Establishment" WH candidates is nauseating, starting with Graham. All from planet Stupid101? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 19, 2015
Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 19, 2015
Is "El Chapo" threat a passing grudge or a beginning of "Ziban Must Die" conspiracy?Network of cartel assassins in place?Open borders curse? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Thousands of Cubans with criminal records may be deported to Havana since the recent thaw of relations. Dance the cha-cha back on the beach? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Scarborough reef will be defended by reopening the Subic Bay base. Start of WW3 in the Philippines?Shall US return?Japan in Chinese uniform? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
S.Arabia looking for love after unfaithful Barack dances with Ayatollahs. Joining the BRICK block soon?Price oil in Chinese yuan?NWDisorder? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Is the "Golden Arches" MCD to be the "Radio Shack" of the hamburger business?Others to follow soon?A sign that the middle class is sinking? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
The designers of the gun background search need to include "religion" and "associations" flags&Israeli "Where is the bomb moron?" question. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Jeb is trying to look as an outsider, yet Bush 41 created "The New World Order" & Bush 43 sent border agents Ramos & Compean to jail. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Jeb&Hillary represent the same people that sent everything but grandma tombstone to China. If thery R outsiders,I am "Madame de Pompadour". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 18, 2015
Visit to Fed.prison shows a new Obama dimension of compassion&concernfor human suffering, leading to firing of heartless bureaucrats at VA. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
Obama to visit Fed.prison,reminisce days of drug use & invite DC big wigs & lobbyists to spend the night, then pretend to lose the keys. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
Uncle Barack wants his "pan dulce back";DHS goes after illegals who got DACA card&now ordered by Judge Hannen to give it back. Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho! — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
Chief "Wild Don" Trump tells Fox to get rid of "clown" Carl Rove.Trouble in the family? How about get rid of Fox itself, mouthpiece of CFR? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
Russian air force to get new Sukhoi fighters&60 TU160 bombers despite gold at 1140& oil at 51. Deflation clock ticking, less money to spend. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
It is irresponsible of Obama to leave military facilities unprotected, just to satisfy his idiotic& leftist "Do not militarize" doctrine. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
It it time for Americans to drop "I love you daddy" routine of cuddling terrorists&put armed guards at all military&other public locations. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 17, 2015
Very low margin req. for writing bull or bear spreads w/t supervision by SEC is a disaster waiting to happen should mkt. breaks down 17500. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
A bubble is brewing in the ETF market, amplified by the fiber optic line in Manhattan & trading in bank dark pools answerable to no one. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Macy may or may not get trouble with Mr. Trump, but their real estate is worth billions.These guys have been around since July 4th,1776. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Uncle Adolf did not last too long in Greece,but Merkel got the magic islands of the blue Aegean sea where civilizations were born&died.It is very sad to see the birthplace of our world most incredible culture turned into a beer hall."Zig Merkel."!!! — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
While listening to Ms. Jenner's story,pondering whether to change Lady Liberty in her image or put on a coin, the world is sliding into chaos. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Why is Mr.Trump wearing too heavy coat for person in his 60's?A double perhaps on the look for Chapo landscaper striking with weed trimmer? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Is US immune to the scrutiny of the mkts.due to Yellen relentless money printing? "Perpetuum mobile" or deadly illusion? Heaven or Greece? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
If Chief "Wild Don" Trump is really coming to the WH, how come there R no tremors in the markets, just sliding deflation?Sudden shock ahead? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Chief "Wild Don" Trump worth 10Bill.,earns 350mill,enough to buy an Abrams tank as protection from the furious GOP Establishment&"El Chapo" — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Gold at 1145, support 1130, 819; drop below 1130 on strong dollar to hurt BRICK block & Saudi Arabia bank reserves, crushed by US shale. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 16, 2015
Is "El Chapo's" threat to put a bloody horse head on Chief Trump's pillow to affect elections?O'Reilly new book "Killing Trump" on the way? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
NASA reports hydrocarbons found on Pluto's moon Charon.That's all we need with the 2nd wave of US shale coming, the oil to go down to $10/b. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
Who's the big winner from Obama's deal with Iran?Putin's Russia will import all poultry&food it needs&Iran will buy it from the West. Smart? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
Is Macy's attack on Chief Trump a bad move inviting boycott when Americans R buying less clothes than ever?The earnings report will say. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
Yellen's buying of US bonds when gold&oil R slumping will cause massive deflation, foreigners to sell US debt for cash, leading to a crash. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
Ash Carter wants new world role for Germany. How about Merkel having reverse Jenner surgery,changing to Uncle Adolf with blond hair&mustache — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015
Chief "Wild Don" Trump done it again at 17%, leaving Jeb & the GOP Comedians in the dust. How long will it take for the markets to shiver? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) July 15, 2015