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Market Report 12/31/15/csts 17570, gain(135)

DJI futures -176, 6 out of 7 partial stochastics are negative, possible on down gap opening on Monday, then a weak bounce, next support at 17179, 16900, 15,300, sell trailing  stop triggered at 17600, gain 200 DJI points, short position established at 17570, gain 135 paper points. Drop to 16900 will complete the 3 declining tops, the third consisting of two decaying waves, the Fibonacci sequence not clearly defined yet. Fundamentally, the USD/CHF made a bottom, 3rd buy signal in days, Resistance 1.04, Support 0.0798, rates to pressure multinationals, no sign of panic yet, eyes still fully shining with devotion and confidence in the green pastures of Obama, Yellen, Buffett & Co economics of borrowed money. Possible fight within GOP may elected Comrade Sanders instead of the daily bombarded Hillary by the Trump's Luftwaffe. Have a happy and prosperous new year and hedge yourself from the most dangerous crowd of clowns in American history, Trump excluded............

Happy new year from

Happy new year, Feliz año Nuev , bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr,   felice anno nuovo, szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, feliz Ano Novo, с новым годом, Честита Нова Година , سنة جديدة سعيدة , שנה טובה 新年快 乐 , Maligayang Bagong Taon, Selamat Hari Natal. QlSmaS botlvjaj 'ej DIS chu' botlvjaj Thank you very much for following my blog. Happy New Year to you all and may the Force be with you. Bibi1581, Akron, Ohio, USA.  

Slow but steady

A Michigan woman is in jail for stealing nearly $2 million from the credit union she worked for by coming early to work, entering the vault and stuffing her purse with cash, 433 times in 17 years. Why can't we think of a simple scam like that? This would have bought a lot of Ferraris.

Reach for the stars

US scientists produced powdered PU 238 for first time in 30 years. It has half life of 88 years and can be used as a power source in a spacecraft that can be sent to explore the boundaries of our solar system, provided we have any money left to spend after being robbed by the New World Disorder  exponents Obama, Merkel & Co.

A trek for justice

The Russian Government has demanded that Turkish citizen of Turkmen heritage Arparslan Celik and his henchmen be tried for the war crime murder of pilot Oleg Peshkov, killed when an unarmed SU24 bomber on a mission in Syria was shot down by Turkish F15 jets. P{resident Erdogan, encouraged and incited by his "friend" Barack Obama tried to cover their tracks transporting IS oil through Turkey, while telling the world of making "surgical strikes" against the jihadists. The is a disgusting lie, a lie like Hitler visiting Auschwitz on Yom Kippur day and sharing bowl of matzo ball soup with the Jews.

The great abuser

Hillary frequently slams Trump for being "sexist", conveniently omitting the fact that her own husband Bill Clinton has an abuse rap sheet a mile long, from Paula Jones to Monica Lewinsky and God knows how many more women were victimized by him, just as Bill Cosby story is unfolding now. It is well known that on numerous occasions he was black and blue from her beatings, a proof  that she new all along about the abuse, yet kept on lying and trying to change the topic. That's why Chief Trump said that Bill Clinton is the greatest women abuser of them all, and Hillary is his co-conspirator.

Market Report 12/30/15/sts 17600, gain(200)

DJI futures +4, partial stochastic negative , drop to continue, Resistance 17800 , Support 17428 , sell trailing stop 17600. Gold/GC to test low of 1045, USD/CHF in a  uptrend, rates to come up. Close below 16900 on heavy volume will complete the top formation, and will lead to a test of the 3rd quartile of 15300, critical level at 11800 . Watch the stops...................... Disclaimer : Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice to buy or sell securities. Always consult a registered investment professional or broker before committing money to any stock or option instrument. is not responsible for any direct or consequential losses incurred in violation of this disclaimer. Read all SEC rules and regulations before making investment decisions.

Go home

Even though Norway is signatory to the Schengen  agreement, it is not a member of EU and will start turning back refugees without visas coming from Sweden.

Wrong number, right person

Woodbridge police department Sergeant Charles Stab was driving to work in an unmarked police car in the center lane of New Jersey Garden State parkway when he saw the flashing lights of an SUV behind him. He pulled over and soon found out that the driver, 68 year old Richard Goldrick was impersonating a police officer and cuffed him on the spot. Charges are pending.

Slam the cheaters

Chinese National College Entrance Exam also known as gaokao is the only way to higher education for millions. With the stakes so high, some students have come with ingenious solutions  to up their exam scores by using hidden transmitters to get questions out and get answers in. But the authorities have started using silent drones capable of detecting low power transmitters locations, a check mate to anyone who tries to beat city hall.

Welcome to R2-D2 granddaughters wedding

A groom robot named Frois and bride robot named Yukirin tied the knot in Tokyo in a wedding ceremony officiated by Most Reverend robot pastor named Dr. Pepper while 100 family and friends robots held their tears until the couple texted the magic phrase, "We did".

Anchor slams Obama

Conservative news anchor Tomi Lahren is after Obama's silk glove treatment of terrorists, saying that his half way, half baked, tip toe, friendly to jihadist mentality and view of Radical Islam being a work place violence is wrong, it is a terrorism.

The rear view mirror bandit

Los Angeles police is looking for driver filmed driving in reverse of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, going recklessly over yellow pavement lines, almost hitting a pedestrian and other cars. People filming the exercise thought that the man was doing a movie stunt, but the police disagree and like to talk to him one on one. 

A dangerous Tennesee law

You can break in another persons car if dog's life is in danger, provided that you try to to notify the owner before proceeding. Do you sense the error? You see a Ferrari parked on a lonely street, find a stray dog, clean and shampoo it, then scream "Help", look around, break in, steal the $25,000 sound system, kick the dog away and run for your life dreams to the pawn shop .

Pipe down

A hateful preacher armed with a microphone told crowd in the small Scottish town of Saint Andrews that the gay marriage "destroys the economy." Bag piper got sick of listening to his crap and drove him out by playing "Scotland the Brave" to the delight of the crowd.

Keep your mouth shut

When Bruno asked Uncle to help him pull a loose tooth out, instead of using the old "Three Stooges" door knob routine, he wrapped some dental floss around it, then attached it to his drone and let it fly. All ended up with a smile and relief, and Uncle called the "Drone Dentist".

Meet your dream

In June 7 year old Dylan Barnes made a sensation dancing on Ellen's show and he never thought that he will meet his dream icon Taylor Swift. But there was a surprise coming when Ellen got him ticket to see Taylor's show in Kansas City, and then arranged for him to go back stage and have "Shake it off " dance party with her.

Market Report 12/29/15/sts 17582, gain(180)

USD/CHF daily buy after weekly one day correction from 1.0345 down to 0.9848 , DJI futures -7 after positive partial stochastics yesterday that ignited the rally. With a daily buy in DJI Yellen's tank columns crushed Trump's hordes of doubters and Obama non-believers, Resistance band above 17827, 17970, 18165, trailing sell stop critical at 17582 , gain(180) . Partial stochastics today point to a dip at opening, but the momentum of longer durations still up, an indication that Auntie Yellen has printed 12 billions of fresh WV $17 bills and will attack the highs of 18351 to show her sincere belief that Trump and all his New World Disorder traitors will not be allowed to destroy the beautiful and very profitable 8 years of printing money internal financing scheme. The correlation between USD/CHF and Gold/GC is correct, but not between DJI and USD/CHF where the usual thing for the last 8 years has been weak dollar pouring foreign money in the US stock market. Hence on that poi

Full street by street RomRyn's versus Trump firefights

Trump's campaign shared a very sweet photo of Jeb picking on his nose, adding a note that the word on the street is that Jeb's mom will vote for @realDonaldTrump. In addition Trump tweeted that Jeb's father and brother were disaster in office, and asked him to do all us a favor, drop out and vote for the @realDonaldTrump. Jeb's campaign shot back by saying that Trump is not a serious candidate who will never be  a President. Don't you love this fight? Pies flying all around like in the Chaplin movies?

A wave of barbarity

The ISIS Afghanistan branch has been fighting with a local militia controlled by a well known politician. The hatred between the two has disintegrated into a mayhem of barbarity whereby each group had beheaded four captured fighters of the other, barbarity not seen even in Afghanistan for a long period of time.

Deluge up in North England

A historic flooding has overwhelmed the county of Yorkshire with more troops sent to help citizens of the historic city of York. PM David Cameron is expected to visit the deluge stricken parts of Northern England, including the cities of Leeds and Manchester. An additional 1000 troops are standing by should the situation worsens, and 94 warnings were issued for areas still in danger of deadly flooding.

Market Report 12/28/15/sts17482,gain(80).

DJI futures +18, sell trailing stop 17,482, partial stochastic positive, Support 17,482, 17,117,16,900, 15,300, Resistance 17,800, 18,351. USD/CHF in a downtrend despite rates uptick, dealers and foreign banks reducing Treasury holdings, the largest outflow since 2010. Is it related to the inclusion of the yuan in the IMF basket? Definitely, the outflows were originally estimated to be only 200 billion dollars. Whether Trump is elected or not, the markets seem to prepare to issue a judgement, and when it comes will not be pretty.

Hostilities flare up

Trump trashed the editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper for an hostile oped attacking his campaign. He called Joseph McQuaid a low life and a leader of a failing newspaper, a terrible guy who would not mind to stoop so low and listen to Chris Christie to do something like that.

Bill in pantyhose

Trump says that if Hillary unleashes her husband Bill Clinton on the campaign trail with his terrible record of women abuse, she'll be proven wrong.

Erdogan greasy fingerprints

When the body of an ISIS commander killed in Salahuddin province was searched, a link to and messages from Turkish intelligence were found on his cell phone, a smoking gun proof  that the NATO member was providing safe haven and support to the terrorist group.

A determined loser

Jeb still cannot dig it: people don't like you, they are sick and tired of your family, of your open borders, of your family arrogance. Still Jeb wants to be obnoxious and debate Trump. Debate what Jeb? The pushing of the New World Order by your father and his CFR crony Cheney that led to exportation of trillions of US jobs and technology to China? The war in Iraq and another trillion of treasure and 5000 dead? The open border fiasco of GW who sent agents Ramos and Compean to prison for shooting a Mexican dirt bag drug dealer in the ass? Why don't you shut up and move to Mexico?

A bridge to nowhere

Beijing and Shanghai were blanketed by a heavy smog of 340 micrograms of pollutants per cubic meter, ten times the unhealthy level for humans. Even though the Government has closed 28,000 factories for air safety violations, the pollution reading on Christmas morning was 647 micrograms per cubic meter, one level below a disaster. The Chinese Government ambitious plan to spend 1 trillion on new nuclear plants and shut down coal burning utilities will be a great help, but the country must clamp down on pollution now and preserve the lives of its citizens and the citizens of the planet.

Trump counter attack

Rebutting charges by the Dem's, Trump said that he will lower taxes instead of tripling them as waco Sanders would. He also said that many good jobs are long gone, shipped to other countries, we are part time now. "I will fix that," he promised. Wages in our country are low, good jobs are few, people have lost faith in our leaders, we need smart leadership now. 

Let me be the one

Do you like Chief Trump? Don't, "Spendie" Sanders says, he divides us from the Mexicans and the Muslims. Elect Me, and will teach you how to love everybody, the Mexicans, the Muslims, everybody. Chief Trump will raise the deficits, but I will doubled it. Let me be the one.

A critic silenced with a silencer

Film maker Naji Jerf who made the documentary "Raga is being slaughtered silently" was assassinated in Gaziantep Turkey with a pistol equipped with a silencer, the terror group said.

Very bad timing

Annotated version of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" will soon be available in Germany, despite protests from civil rights groups. With the rising tide of nationalism and xenophobia due to the flood of migrants overwhelming  the country, selling nazi books could not have come at worst time. 

Join the Revolution

Mass brawl erupted in Louisville, Kentucky  St. Matthews mall when 2000 children and teens fought, then harassed vendors and forced shut down of business. Similar brawls broke in Lancaster, PA, Jacksonville, FL and in Long Island, NY. Authorities think that the mayhem is related to social media postings, whereby a group of teens tweets a location for a fight, then meets the opposition and starts a brawl, in many cases girls fighting girls. With Americans like them, who needs enemies. Time to raise interest rates?

IS on the run?

Iraq army tanks rolled in Ramadi as IS skipped town, a major victory for the alliance. The Syrian town of Aleppo is also on the verge of collapse due to incessant bombing by the Russian Air Force and IS is also expected to get out while they can. Not to start dancing in the streets, IS is moving to other Muslim countries like Libya and Yemen and the battle will continue for many more years to come.

Circle the dollar wagons?

UAE is creating a Chinese yuan banking center to handle offshore and inshore currency transactions since the inclusion of the renminbi in the IMF currency basket. Russia and Zimbabwe issued yuan denominated bonds, in addition of reducing holdings of US Treasuries. 

Dancing cheek to cheek with losers

Establishment GOP has done it again: betting on yet another loser. The operation Pas-de-Calais designed by party elders to destroy chief Trump spent millions on Kasich, Jeb, Fiorina and others trying to convince the conservative base on the convoluted proposition that working with Barack Obama open borders and printing money is the way to the bright future of America and the world. It is not, Chief Trump said, starting with the migrant invasion of US and EU, raking trillions of debt and destroying the very institutions of the State. Now Trey Gowdy, another undercover agent of CFR has endorsed Rubio, an open border advocate and a member of the disgusting gang of 8 that was pushing for amnesty while two Chechens were cooking bombs in Cambridge, MA. Translation? The GOP prefers another run on the treasury by Hillary, the abolishment of US Constitution and flooding the country with pee drenched  IS peddlers, rather of listening to the people and electing Chief Trump to the White House. A c

Heads in the sand?

The tweets this morning are, and as they have been for a long time about mujahadeen planned or actual  killings, fires or bombings in the global war of Jihad, whether Obama and the Council of Foreign Relations  born and raised New World Disorder types accept it or not. From Sarajevo to Bangladesh to Bamako, Mali to the mosque fire in Houston, to Al Baghdadi audio, it is all about jihadists. Yesterday Trey Goudy, an Establishment GOP yes man, endorsed Rubio, another yes man and a member of the gang of 8, for president. It seems that the powers to be are either deaf, or stupid, or think that the American people are stupid, but there is persistent effort to deny the global Jihad and continue on. Until when? Until mujahadeen bring a tactical nuclear device to US soil and burn down a city?

Good night 2015, good morning 2016

As 2015 is about to join eternity and 2016 is rising on the rays of light, let's pause and remember those who paled in the glow of time, but not in the endless pages of our minds and the heartbeats of our hearts.  Let's remember their unconditional love for us and our country, and pray that our trials and glories will bless us with eyes to see and the voice to speak their words of wisdom.

Walk in the light

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. http://www. http://www. can.htm   … …