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Market Report 11/30/15

Market closed at 17719, tripping the sell trailing stop at 17802, gain 104, daily still in uptrend, stochastic mixed, monthly 4th monthly sell signal, Support 17297, 16000. USD/CHF rally still raging, Gold/GC monthly trend reversal, Support 881,703, Resistance 1085. Continuing jiggling of the markets by Yellen's refusal to return to normalization of interest rates is already starting to undermine the world banking system, with numerous banks and sovereign funds running out of cash or raking large losses like the Japan largest pension fund that lost 64 billions lately (read the blog on that), so it is only matter of time when large multinational companies and in fact whole countries will be unable to meet obligations to US banks, the fragile edge before falling into the abyss. Will this madness make it until the Dem's win the White House? I seriously doubted. The drop of gold and the resumption of the downtrend is not a good news, it always has been a bad news, including 2008...

Chinese victory or threat

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved the Chinese yuan as the 5th currency part of the SDR basket. The analysts are saying that three waves of adjustment in the monetary system are are coming, the first being the re-weighting of the COFER percentages basket which will lead to larger outflows from the US dollar in the order of 200 billions. How the idiotic money printing binge of Obama, Yellen & Co will fit into this is still unclear, but one thing is obvious; spread your money out of the dollar and into other near money or tangibles.

Truth versus the political correctness

Trump said that he has hundreds of people tweet to him that they have seen Muslims celebrating 911 in Jersey City, and the "Muslim chants" during the minute of silence in Paris confirm that there is hatred out there, whether or not the yes men and boot lickers of the New World Disorder Establishment Media care to accept it or not.

One more turn to war

Russia armed all of its planes in Syria with air to air missiles and weapons, and placed them under the canopy of the SA400 missile defense shield centered in Latakia, only 27 miles from the Turkish border. The SA400 missiles can hit targets up to 250 miles away, well within Turkish territory. A Chinese military expert pointed out recently that in case of war in the South China sea with the US, the Russians will almost certainly join China in the fight. This implies that if the Turks provoke the Russians again with Obama's tacit support, the ensuing conflict may lead to an expanded war in the Middle East, quickly exploding into a major, even into a world war. The expert described the Obama Administration of being "oblivious" of the danger ahead, naturally "downplaying" the whole thing. Are we witnessing a prophesy in motion?

In the sway of the tango

Do you enjoy Spanish music? Like the sound of the tango? Take a listen to the fine interpretation of Piazzolla piano pieces at the link below. .

Those cunning Turks and their flying machines.

So the whole so called migrant invasion was a shakedown,wasn't it? Hours after Erdogan shook hands with Merkel the Turkish police rounded up 1300 migrants on their way to Greece. Maybe the Greeks should try to escape to Germany and get some cash in return? Obama can now deport all Syrians to Mexico who in turn will deport them back to Turkey and get Merkel's money, right? It works all around.

From cold forest to a warm jail

Russian police apprehended an army deserter who went AWOL in 2003 and since then lived in the Kamchatka forest in a makeshift cabin.

Passing of a legend

Venerable stock market technician Richard Russell, the editor of the Dow Theory Letter for 58 years passed away in Chapel Hill NC. He will be missed by all of us who have spent a lifetime trading the markets, looking for his wisdom during the most horrifying crashes or glorious bull market rallies. So long dear friend.

Mending fences?

Turkey handed over the body of Su24 pilot Oleg Peshkov to Russia in a bid to improve relations after the idiotic backstabbing Obama sanctioned attack last week. Furious Putin snubbed Erdogan during the climate conference in Paris.

Japan pension fizzle

Japan largest pension $1.1 trillion GPIF fund lost $64 billion on equities investments, the biggest loss since 2008.

Obama chokehold pains

Russian development VEB bank is running out of cash, requesting $23 billion Government bailout, putting pressure on the $390 billion sovereign reserve fund.

Chinese dentistry

The Chinese leadership has finally realized that the Communist practice of producing goods in quantity without regard to actual supply and demand is counterproductive. Hence a new approach of cutting investment in heavy industries and non-performing assets like building shopping malls or in fact whole cities that are basically empty will be curtailed, an approach that almost certainly will lead to a recession.

Deflation malaise

Bank of Russia officials say that $30 oil will throw the economy into a 9% drop, cause a string of bank failures and force the Government to implement deeply unpopular budget cuts in a country already reeling from Obama sanctions.

Deflation trap ahead

$30 oil will push Russian economy in 9% drop, bank failures and force the Government to institute deeply unpopular budget cuts. It's main trading partner China has already reduced spending on heavy industry and non-performing assets that will aggravate the deflationary collapse.

Merkel "Thanks for the memories" 201

Large groups of migrants fought in Berlin's Tempelhof and Spandau shelters, using sofa's and fire extinguishers as weapons. Numerous arrests were made amongst the 1200 strong crowds.

The perfect shakedown

Turkey will get $3.2 billion in cash, generous economic aid and resumption of memberships talks in EU according to a genius plan by Merkel & Erdogan, both of whom are fighting for their miserable political lives. The Turks will be well advised to stay away from Putin's missiles and stop shooting at his warplanes, else he may bomb them, chase the migrants back to Syria and confiscate bootlicker Merkel's cash.

South China Sea powder keg?

Chinese military expert recently suggested that Obama & Co is completely oblivious to the real possibility of US/China hostilities regarding the artificial islands build on waters claimed by many Pacific rim nations, mainly the Philippines. The many years of profound stupidity of American politicians  starting with Reagan CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) cronies Cheney & Co, a bunch of supplysiders who left the security of North America for the wild profits of China. Along the way the crooked politicians gave away a treasure trove of dual use technology that transformed China into a formidable military power whose wrath we may unfortunately have to face in the future. As V.E.Lenin has reportedly said, "The capitalists will even sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

Global warming terror?

Could it be that Comrade "Spendie" Sanders has a point? The analysts claim that the historic Syrian drouth from 2007 to 2011 contributed greatly to rekindling jihadism, since nearly 2 million farmers, herders and farm hands moved to the big cities of Damascus and Palmira. If this inference is correct, does the US also face an uptick of terrorism, i.e are the clusters of mass shootings observed during the past few years not random events, but a part of global wave of violence consistent with Sorbane's 400 year cycles of war?

Peaceful incursion

A Russian warplane entered 1kilometer in Israeli airspace from Syria, but left without accident after communicating with ground controllers, unlike the Obama  sanctioned, Turkish executed downing of Su24 jet last week.

Slap in the mouth

Ten of Wall Street largest investment banks, also known as US Treasury primary dealers and two trading platforms were target of a class action lawsuit for limiting competition in the 320 trillion interest rate swap markets. The defendants collected millions of illegal rents and usage fees along the  way.

In the bloody footsteps of terror

A bomb rigged mass grave of 120 people was found in Sinjar, Iraq after ISIS was driven out of town.

Battle of the sexes

Australian researchers have found that men mostly like physically attractive women, while women prefer mindful, less angry and more empathetic men.

Tears of Christ?

A young parishioner left a communion wafer on the altar of St.Francis Catholic Church in Kearns Utah, and the priest later on dropped it in a glass of holy water, expecting that would dissolve as time passed by. Imagine the surprise of the parishioners when after few days it turned blood red and appeared to be bleeding. Is Jesus the Forever Light sending us a message?

Delightful music

Two tender hearts, eight magic fingers and some beautiful Rachmaninov music by Guevara-Zhelezova piano duo.

Say no to evil

Turn of the channel on movie, TV & political types who have ignored & offended Christ's doctrine. Boycott them, walk away& let them dry. 0 retweets 1 like

A new pyramid enigma

Ground penetrating radar shows with 90% probability that there is a hidden chamber and second doorway in King Tutankhamen tomb.

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. http://www. can.htm   … …

Who'll blink first

Japan scrambled fighter jets to intercept 11 Chinese warplanes flying by Myako and Okinawa islands in international airspace.

A bunch of cowards

Barack Huseinovitch Obama would have been blamed by historians for shutting the Government over the budget and not the GOP leaders Boehner and Ryan, two horrible poker players who failed to use the card of shutdown and submitted to Obama.

"Killer" Trump

Trump said on a rally attended by thousands in Sarasota that he is killing the competition, Rubio is weak on immigration, PAC's are scam, Jeb is irrelevant and his educational plan is wrong.

Merkel raus

Riding a wave of fury over Germany's  immigration fiasco, the leader of the AFD party Frauke Petry called on Merkel to resign for ignoring the National interest and flooding the country with migrants.

Up in the Lords creation

The red super giant VY Canis Majoris, one of the largest and brightest stars in our maternal Galaxy of the Milky Way, is changing into a supernova by shedding mass and energy equivalent to 30 times the Earth per year.

Hidden changes

Scientists are saying that the abundance of atmospheric CO2 has led to a sharp spike in the growth of oceanic plankton, an indication of faster and little understood change of the global ecosystem.

No light pollution

Want to feel Medieval? Dreaming of dark skies with stars so bright that you can touch one? Visit Sark island, a steep piece of rock twenty five miles from Cherbourg peninsula, a place where cars are forbidden, the last Feudal State in Europe.

Down in the mud

The Crimean Tatars Muslim minority is blocking the repairs of the electric power pontoons, leaving millions without power. The lines were downed by Ukrainian terrorists with the tacit support of Kiev.

Macedonia under siege?

A migrant tried to climb a border fence on Greece/ Macedonia border, touched a high voltage wire and was severely burned. A rowdy crowd of migrants pelted the Macedonian police with rocks shouting "Allah Akbar", then were chased back into Greece.

A prep for Chinese "Clark Harbor"?

The Philippines bought 12 Korean F50 supersonic jets as a defense against mounting Chinese aggression in South China sea. The unarmed planes will be stationed at Clark airbase.

A Papal blessing

Thousands of people came to Uganda's Kampala sanctuary to meet El Santo Padre Pope Francis during his inspirational mass honoring country's martyrs .

The great impersonators

ISIS mortal enemy, Hackers Anonymous gained access to the terror group website, then changed to a Viagra advertisement.Now that's what you may call a good blow.

Greek pains

Thousands of pensioners matched through Central Athens and other major cities chanting, "We can't live on 300 euros", a protest against the leftist Government plan to cut monthly pensions.

Underground jihad

Italy will close clandestine mosques in a bid to reduce terrorist threat against the Government. At least 800 underground moskques are in operation in the country.

A ma get ya sucka

San Francisco police arrested two men for the brutal IPhone robbery on Stockton street last month.

Market Report 11/27/15/ sts 17804, gain(104)

Market mixed, partial stochastic in a down trend, 4th monthly down trend signal, sell trailing stop 17804, Resistance 18351, Support 15322, futures +3. USD/CHF in upside breakout , monthly buy signal, Resistance 1.1723, Support 0.9469, rally raging, Gold /GC in downward monthly trend reversal, new low of 1056, support down in 975, 702 and 560. The dollar rally will eventually hit the earnings of the multinationals, Yellen or not, and judging by the continuing monthly down trend of DJI the Support of 15322 is still a threat. Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) boys and girls all over Trump, and eventually will elect Comrade Sanders with his 40 Trillion spending plan. Watch the stop....Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice to buy or sell securities. Always consult a registered investment professional or broke

At the edge of stupidity

Scientists are predicting that 2015 temperature will be 1C higher than the 1880-1890 mean, one degree half way to a catastrophic planet meltdown. Casual look at a busy American street and one see bunch of cars with one person in it wasting energy and polluting the planet.  Louis Xlll had 150 Musketeers on horse, and now every of the millions of dirt bags on the road have the same power, i.e everyone is King Soleil, a contradiction that only nature can and will rectify.

The bite of the bear vs inner city shakedown

The relentless Russian bombing of ISIS capital of Raga is forcing the group to dig tunnels under the city and move troops and supplies there. The illegal oil trade that is the main source of its income has been hurt by the bombing, forcing a change to smaller delivery tankers and relocation of member jihadist to Iraq. The shooting down of the Russian Su24 jet was nothing else but Obama sanctioned, Turkey executed terrorist act to force Putin away from the Turkish border, the main line of support of the coalition against Assad, forcing the inescapable conclusion that Obama has been supporting ISIS, i. e he had been a supporter of terror all along.

Yellen's secret weapon?

The "surging" US dollar weaponized courtesy of Yellen & Co,  weak demand from China and India does not bode well for gold price, New World Disorder analysts say. The truth is that housing inflation in Obama "preferred" markets is well over 20% due to Fed pumping money to feed their donors and lap dogs. The real reason for the so called deflation is Yellen's manipulation of the energy and metal complex to strangle Russia and China bank reserves, i.e a money terrorism that had also robbed the American people out of trillions of dollars, and the real reason why the CFR(Council of Foreign Relations) is working feverishly to destroy the candidacy of Chief "I am a winner" Trump by pushing one of their losers like Kasich or Rubio as the GOP candidate.This is a battle that CFR is about win based on the computer latency of majority of older Americans who are still viewing the treacherous Fox News as a trusted source of political information, forgetting that

Winds of mercy?

Saudi Arabia has assured foreign diplomats that Shiite's protesters will not be executed. Does this means that our young friend Ali al Nimr and Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh will be spared? Let's pray it does.

The call of the hunger

11 decaying fishing boats possibly North Korean with human remains on them have been found of Japan's coast. The impoverished fishermen of that country lack GPS devices and get lost in the vast expanses of South Japan sea in their desperate trek for fish, the only food that is not in short supply in the closed totalitarian state.

Palestinians joining ISIS

Nidal Salah, an Israeli Arab used a motorized paraglider to cross the demarcation line to Syrian ISIS controlled town of Jamiah and join the terrorist group.

A German vigilance

A man from Tunisia and another from Syria were arrested and a suspicious package found in their car. They had ISIS affiliations and were planning a terrorist attack on city of Dortmund.

Is Turkey playing Russian roulette?

The Su24 was bombing ISIS fuel trucks and oil tanks infrastructure when shot down by Turkish F16's. Was it a conspiracy to protect the illegal laundering of oil through the Syrian border, an ISIS life line for purchasing weapons and supply's? Did Turkey shot down the Russian jet to protect their share of the loot? Was it worth it when the Russians stationed deadly ground to air missiles just 30 miles away and may deploy Su35 fighter that can hit 70 targets beyond the horizon? Obama has been looking to hurt Putin for a long time. Let's hope that this provocation does not spread the fire of war to EU. 

The bear chews Obama's rebel boys asses

The Russian Air Force carped bombed the area north of Aleppo where the SU24 pilot was parachuting after being shot down by Turkish F16's, killed in a cold blood escaping a burning aircraft, a war crime committed by Obama's Turkmen rebel boys. Even the North Vietnamese did not shoot at US pilots parachuting out of burning aircraft, but the Obama boys did. Shame to them and Obama.

Labor trouble ahead?

Walmart employees are staging "Fast for 15" hunger protest 15 days before "Black Friday" in a bid to have the minimum wage raised to $15 per hour. Home Depot Bob Nardelly says that many businesses will be unable to operate with such high labor cost.

Obama of course again

Germany police chief says that many of the migrants coming in are in fact hardened ISIS professionals planning terrorist attacks. He also said that his office has files on 7900 migrants who may be trying to recruit other migrants for future missions.

Establishment GOP mud slinging Trump

When everything else fails, call someone a "racist", a "fascist", use the "F..." word, right? Wrong! The Radical Islam has attacked US twice and will not stop until they trigger a nuclear device in one of our cities and burn it to the ground, killing millions. The US Muslim must make a choice: American first , Muslim second or else, Trump or not. There is nothing wrong practicing the Islamic religion, what is wrong is the endless violence against anybody who resists the Sharia law.The history shows that anyone who underestimated the American resolve were destroyed. A word to the wise including the RNC and GOP clowns.

Welcome to Arabwood

Defectors say that ISIS propaganda machine is using Hollywood like tricks and actors to amplify the world public horror of its beheadings and executions, defacto creating an  "Arabwood" movie studio, except that the Western Clark Gable is played by an British Islamic ghetto idiot named Jihadi John.

Stop the drugs

US doctors have written 250 million pain killers prescriptions last year, an indication that one in four Americans is hooked up on legal drugs.To make things even worst, Hillary and Comrade Sanders want to legalize pot, while Obama has done his best to keep open borders so his close associate El Chapo Guzman can flood the US with hard drugs like meth or alike. And the media is raging about Trump's politically incorrect language? Please!

Yellen war to come home

The outrageous criminal enterprise of Obama, Yellen & Co that has loaded each US person with $40,000 in new debt and had in addition robbed US investors of 800 billion in interest income, may have finally found its match. China, Russia and the rest of the world cannot longer tolerate of being robbed by Yellen "Internal Financing" scheme and have begun to retaliate by devaluating the yuan to de-facto raise interest rates in US and force a stop to the Forex terror. Analysts are saying that China will continue this policy to defend itself from Obama /Yellen embezzlement.

I love the way I hate you

Despite the open hostility toward that cracker Putin following Obama idiotic meddling in Ukraine internal affairs and ill fated embargo designed to destabilize Russia, DOD will continue to buy Russian made Atlas rocket RD180 engines and titanium forgings for Boeing airplanes.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all

On this day of celebration let's be thankful for the men and women of our military forces, be thankful for our freedom, be thankful for our Constitution and its founders, be thankful for our people and our friends and most of all, be thankful for the United States of America.

Don Corleone to make offer ISiS can't refuse

Have you heard of terrorist attack in Sicily? The Gambino family is offering their help of talking to ISIS and break few legs to make a point.

Market Report 11/25/15/ sts 17802, gain(102)

$DJI futures +45, partial stochastic mixed, Christmas "Santa Yellen" rally on, a break to a new high expected, sell trailing stop 17802, both USD/CHF and /GC in uptrend, a contradiction that is to be resolved soon. GOP and RNC are boiling bones, boons chicken bones with everyone expecting the immediate demise of Chief " I am a winner" Trump and the glorious election of Hillary "I will transform all abandoned coal mines into beautiful Federal prisons" Clinton or Comrade "We must legalize pot"  "Spendie" Sanders.....Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice to buy or sell securities. Always consult a registered investment professional or broker before committing money to any stock or option instrument. is not responsible for any direct or co

Parle vu Chinese?

In the greatest piracy in history, China claims 2 million square miles of South China sea and has build numerous artificial islands with landing strips to accommodate medium range bombers. Now the islands are up and running, they are enforcing a 12 miles territorial waters zone around it, a major sticking  point with maritime powers like US that recently sent a warship passing by one of those islands. In major escalation of the dispute the Chinese are building light houses on the disputed reefs, yet another claim of sovereignty over waters that are also claimed by the many Pacific rim nations. Obama has naturally downplayed all this outrage that will be dumped on the next person who is in the White House. Why? Because the United states is a bankrupt nation that has lost control over its destiny. Please read today's blog about the shameful robbery of Greek banks by EU investment funds that took over the magic islands of the Aegean sea without firing a shot, while Uncle Adolf tried t

Election dreams

If Hillary gets elected, she will transform abandoned coal mines into Federal prisons, golf courses, Google data centers and drug rehab clinics. Trump should take example of that and transform all Federal prisons into small business incubators after sending all inmates to the border to build  a beautiful wall on the south side, golf courses on the US side, then deporting all inmates to Mexico.

The great Merkel-Draghi bank robbery

EU investment funds bought 4 of Greece largest banks with assets of $358 billion, Alpha, Euro, National Bank of Greece and Piraeus banks for paltry $6.5 billion, a robbery of Yellen/Obama proportions. Many Americans who are stupid enough to worry about the political incorrectness of Chief Trump and are watching the treacherous Fox News for guidance, better start paying attention; you are being robbed while the Establishment is distracting you into events that are completely irrelevant for your well being. Another eight years of political stupidity will sentence your children to generations of poverty and degradation.

A cup of tea and a hand grenade sandwich please

An ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at the Swiss Inn in Northern Sinai, killing two judges and four police officers.

An Obama provocation? Payback coming?

The navigator of the SU24 jet Capt. Murakhtin said that bomber that was shot down did not receive any warnings. It did not veer of its course for a single second, and was flying over Syria at the time of the attack. Putin ordered state of art S400 missile system in Syria with range of 250 miles that can hunt Turkish jets with a deadly precision. The missile cruiser Moskva was also ordered close to shore, ready to shoot down planes within 400 miles range. All bombing missions will be accompanied from now on by Russian fighter jets.

Chinese Triads lying and cheating again?

Chinese regulators fined 5 phony "Disney" hotels for a patent infringement of US most famous name brand.

A glass of Obama wine and heap of Iranian caviar

On the shores of the Caspian Sea, the Iranians are back in business they know very well; 40 tons of sturgeon eggs are on the market, courtesy of their dear friend and devout Shiite Muslim, President Obama and his most generous 150 billions gift to Iran.

Jeb and Ted little religious lies

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz lied about the Christian genocide in Syria to help prop their failing campaigns. Most of the 200,000 war dead are Muslims killed by Bashar Al Assad police and some Christians were killed by ISIS.

Scorched earth thank you

Russia launched heavy bombardment of the area where it's SU24 jet was shot down and one pilot killed. Concentrations of AlQaida Syria Al Nusra Brigade and Obama sipported Turkmen front "rebel boys" we're under heavy artilery fire and missile hits from Russian Navy ships in the Southern Mediteranian sea.

Russian ISIS

Many of the 3000 Russian fighters in Syria are from Dagestan hamlet of Komsomolskoe, an enclave tightly and brutally controlled by Putin's  security forces. A recent survey of the area suggested that many of the young Muslim men who joined ISIS did so due to harsh treatment by the Russian police, a policy surely to backfire in the years ahead as the religious war intensifies.

Out of ISIS claws

Russian and Syrian special forces snatched SU24 pilot out of terrorist territory and return him to the Latakia air base in good health. The other pilot was shot and killed by Turkmen terrorists as he ejected from his burning plane hanging on a parachute, a war crime committed in part by yours truly Obama supported "rebel boys" , who until recently fought side by side with ISIS against Assad, while Obama was lying to the American people about making "surgical strikes" against the enemy.

See the light again?

Cells isolated from human umbilical cord have been observed to grow neurons that help treat eye degenerative disorders.

A General's advice

Retired Obama Defense Intelligence Agency Director  General Michael Flynn says that Obama needs to stop blaming others, take a hard look at himself and those around him and decide if he should take the threat seriously, start using the term "Radical Islamist". It is not wrong.

Market Report 11/24/115/ sts 18000, gain (100)

$DJI futures +9, trend reversal rally to continue, Resistance 18002, support 17589, stochastic at 85%, USD/CHF and /GC trends are the same, and despite all negative news Yellen's market may do the impossible and rally to a new high. Translation? In their endless arrogance the Unified Party USA still considers Trump a no event, the blatant deflation, raging wars and terrorist attacks emanating from the Middle East irrelevant to US economy, thus continuing to lead the country and the world into the green pastures of Obama/Buffet bright future.  Ralph Nader got a response from Yellen regarding the seven years of zero interest rates. Her  reply was as expected; The 800 billions of dollars squandered from US investors all went toward rebuilding the economy; i.e  promulgated the twisted and convoluted ream of Obama to take money from savers and give it to bums. Stand by for more details........Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided