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Market Report 1/31/17, sell short stop 19970, gain(90),CG(1630),11/21/16

Market triggered sell stop at 19950, closing position for gain of 90 points. New sell short position was established at 19930, with a cover short stop at 19970 for a loss of 40 points. It is a lively question to find out how long will it take for Obama "growth" oriented lap dogs to realize that Trump's efficiency moves and illegal immigration crackdown are about to change the investment matrix from stationary investing based on the whims of the Planetary Government, to dynamic trading based on economic sense, real interest rates and supply and demand in option contracts bought and sold to make a profit, instead of creating volatility.  DJI futures are up +14, a sign that despite the drop today and the reality of Trump's executive orders, Yellen's goons are still hoping the reflation Trump rally to continue. A real sign that the monetary picture has changed will identify itself by a significant drop of DJI below supports at 19500, 18250, 17500 and finally 15,800 l

Ditch US Dollar: Iran

Enraged by Trump's executive order on vetting immigrants,   Iran prepares to ditch US dollar in international trade, a transaction that has been in the making for over two years by members of the Eurasion Block.  

The Illegal Cat's Yarn Is Unravelling: Trump

Spies inside Trump's White House describe an executive order to be used as a planning platform to deport more legal immigrants for using social services. A leaked Trump order suggests he's planning to deport more legal immigrants for using social services  

The Kingdom Of The Hippies

California proposing law to become a sanctuary state in a clear violation of Federal mandate to defend borders and probably first step toward seceding from the Union. California Proposing Law to Become Sanctuary

Where Is Jeff Sessions?

Trump immigration plan confusion: A correct plan without appropriate legal backing and preparedness. Inside the confusion of the Trump executive order and travel ban

Jihadist Incubator: Islamic Merkeldom Of Germany

German police:Three terror suspects with links to 'Islamic State' arrested in Berlin

EU Globalists vs Trump's Americans: Il Bacio Mortale

EC President Tusk list US administration as one of EU's 'external threats'

The Bureaucrats Mutiny

900 Obama lap dogs at the state department signed a memo protesting Trumps immigration executive order. Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he is aware of the mutiny, but advised staff to get with the program or get out.  About 900 State Department officials sign protest memo: source -

Trump Nominees Under Bombardment

Tom Price and Steven Mnuchin face long odds of being approved by hostile Democrats .

Amazon Reef Decay?

Images of the Amazon Reef emerge after researchers last year discovered the reef system in unfavourable conditions, beneath a muddy plume at the mouth of the Amazon River. (ABC.AU)

Born To Die? A Definite Maybe?

New Alzheimer twist complicates the search for the roots of the disease. Spotlight: Canadian-Chinese study says Alzheimer's disease can begin in womb  

US/Russia Thaw Despite McCain/Graham Obstruction?

Ex-US Senate aide says Trump-Putin phone call 'signals start to normalizing ties with Russia.

Trump's Evidence

Trump voter fraud expert registered in 3 states, will provide full data in three months.  

Metal Geometry Discovery

Scientists at University of Michigan have invented a material that can change Rockwell hardness rating on demand. Researchers invent new material that can switch between being hard and soft

Deutsche Bank Mirror Trades Lead To $630 Million Fine.

Russian criminals bought shares of large companies with rubbles In Moscow, and at the same time sold the same shares at the same price in London or New York for US dollars, with usual trade in the amount of $2 million, effectively changing rubbles in dollars bypassing the Forex market.

Welcome To Hotel Happiness

Inside India's movement to spread love, happiness and mental well being.  

Aussie Scientific Breakthrough

Aussie scientists use soybeans oil to create "commercially viable" graphene, world strongest material.  Aust'n scientists use soybeans to create "commercially viable" graphene  

Hey Mr. Tallyman, Tally Me Banana: Chimp Slavery

The illegal worldwide trade in baby chimps is investigated, routes and sanctuaries studied and secret network of traffickers exposed by BBC.

Spies In Trump's Den?

A 'rogue' group of staffers is tweeting secrets from the White House in order to discredit Trump and his administration.  
GOP moves to undo Obama coal rules protecting streams from coal debris, a favorite to diehard environmentalists and a thorn in the eye of coal miners. ‪ ‬

Spicer tells diplomats to get behind the immigration ban or just get out

Trump appreciates the work of career civil servants, but if they cannot or are not willing to defend the country from Islamic terrorists, it is time to get out of the State or Justice Department.   In addition, the President fired acting AG for ordering employees not to defend the executive order banning people from certain Middle Eastern countries.  

Yemen: Dangerous Waters

 Yemen Rebels Hit Saudi Naval Vessel with Missile Attack (VIDEO)  

Divide Et Impera: Trump's Chinese Dilemma

Chinese Army Commander: War with US increasing reality. Will Trump's bluff work or make it even more difficult to deal with China leadership.  

Schumer And Pelosi Are Barking, And Trump's Caravan is Moving

The Latest: GOP senators block effort to reverse Trump order by crying crocodile tears Schumer and weeping Muslim whiling Pelosi, who are missing their relatives in Syria. There was no tears for eight years when Obama was droning Muslim civilians, including hundreds of children.  

Market Report 1/30/17,sell stop 19950, gain(90), CG(1640),11/21/167

With fresh 9.1 trillion dollars budget deficit caps voted secretly by Ryan, McConnell & Co, the stock market rushed through the 20,000 level pushed by easy money that Janet Yellen must have agreed to pump into the system in support of President Trump's agenda. At this point the National debt is 29.1 trillion dollars, even though some of the money have not been spent yet. In other words the genius billionaires advisers supporting Trump are doing exactly what Obama did for 8 long years: Keep printing money and stuff on hamburgers bought with the miserable saving of seniors and other savers. Translation? Unless Trump manages to get rid of Yellen and her invisible and illegal government, US will continue to sink deeper and deeper in debt regardless of his best effort to turn USS America around. Trump says that US military and infra-structure are so depleted that money must be spent to recover it. DJI futures are down -1, a sign that despite the drop today and the reality of Trump&#