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Bibi1581 Blog For 8/31/2017: Evening Edition

1............> A Wink From Faraway: Space Signals A deep space “repeater” called FRB 121102 from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away has been detected by planetary scientists at Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia searching for signs of extraterrestrial life or mysterious radio signals from deep space. 2.........> Kingman's Swindler A city of Kingman, Arizona employee was arrested by DHS ICE police and charged with four felony counts of theft for stealing $990,000 dollars from city coffers. She used the money to pay her personal expenses by charging city's credit card for $120,000, and also raked large debit balances in some nearby casinos. 3.............> "Fake" ICE Agents In an extreme case of offence to the deeply hurt and traumatized citizens of Houston, T

Bibi1581 Down: Use Blogger

Yahoo Aabaco has shut down for unknown reasons after multiple interruptions since the beginning of the year. Bibi will resume blogging at the Google starting today, and try to recover all posts currently on Thank you for your kindness and cooperation. Viva Google, Viva Free Internet!

Bibi1581 Blog For 8/22/2017: Morning Edition bibi1581-blog-fo…-morning-edition /