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Divide et impera

Trump says "Gang of 8" Rubio is weak on immigration,beholden by donors and he and Jeb Bush hate each other.

"Wall street" Hillary and "Main street" Sanders

Hillary got $28 mill. from Wall street fat cats in Manhattan and Hollywood barons while Spendie Sanders 24 mill. came from small donors.

Obama says "Hello", Trump said "Goodbye"

If elected Trump will send back Syrians allowed in by Obama due to fear of large ISIS penetration of the US.

Market report 9/30/15/ back on Yellen's bicycle

Market closed at 16284, triggering a trailing short cover stop at 16250, gain +30, $DJI futures +180, Resistance 16300, 16857. The broader market $SP500 is weaker than the politically correct $DJI, hardly budging the downtrend , closing below the 20 day MA of 1940.All trends are still in force, except /GC (gold) that flashed a new daily "sell" signal at 1130. This is clearly a Fed funds injection by Yellen, trying to keep Obama/Buffett dream as long as possible. The purpose of raid is to force the bears and other infidels who have been waiting for years to see this market crash and crash good to run for their miserable lives and cover the shorts. It is a war and forever war to convince the world that the green pastures of the New World Disorder are here to stay, versus the opposition who are convinced that all this so called bull market of the century was a disgusting highway robbery and a prelude to complete collapse of the market system. Since short covering is complete

Very dangerous market

Wall street giant Carl Icahn says that the public is about to get hurt by the Fed zero rate policy, misstated earnings, dangerous finance engineering , tax loopholes and high grade bonds.

Someone to lean on

El Santo Padre Pope Francis met with Kentucky clerk El Dumbo Femme Kim Davis to dry her tears over breaking the law.

Thanks for the memories.

Russian airstrikes ordered by Putin may not have been targeting ISIS, but Assad opponents. Keep shooting Vlad, instead of talking like Obama who wont' even clear his own neighborhood in Chicago and has the audacity to be rude and arrogant.

North Dakota blues

North Dakota housing boom to go bust as oil prices drop 50%, occupancy rate is at 65% and rents may collapse from $2000/month to $200/month. A dialectic lesson for Emperor Obama 1st who did his best to crush Russian rubble and economy, just to hurt our own even more.

Negative Multiculturalism in motion

Germany migrants centers in Kassel became Merkel's powderkeg when 70 Pakistani and 300 Albanians brawl exploded in violence that injured 14 and was subdued by 50 police officers.

Move to high ground

Tropical Storm Joaquin upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 75 mph, my threaten Eastern US.

A bear tracks in the snow

Eurozone inflation unexpectedly fell to negative 0.1 percent , a sign that dangerous deflation is on the way, same like in the US. Time for celebration, or time to build a large cash position and huddle down for trouble?

Boycott Fox News

Has Fox News high jacked the political process, pushing GOP and bigot Carson yet in another loss by concentrating on divisive issues like flying the confederate flag and "Muslim Presidents", instead of working out a plan to fix Americas problems like Trump has done? Yes it has and it is time to boycott them fiercely. Boycott Fox News and fascist Carson?

Obama's civil war?

Four people killed and 52 wounded in Chicago over the weekend,2nd week in a row with over 50 casualties, and out of 2,300 people shot this year, all behind Obama's house. Should Emanuel call Putin and request troops? Call the Mexicans? None of the 15 GOP idiots so called Presidential contenders except Trump mentioned the drug war and violence, naturally. Where is the media, Fox news, anybody?

Professor Trump

Trump gave Putin an "A" grade for his leadership fighting ISIS, unlike Obama who was rude, embarrassing and un-presidential.Apparently Obama prefers to grant asylum to terrorists instead of fighting them.

Market report 9/29/15/ Back on Yellen's bicycle

$DJI futures +100, trailing cover short stop at 16250,$SP500 broader market continuing decline,probable intervention by Fed near 16,000 level. Gold and dollar continuing advance, a contradiction, hence volatility is probably due to Forex intervention.Trump admission that he may have to retreat from the field is another reason for the NWD crowd to be ready to dance on the streets.Stand by and watch the stop.

Terrorists welcome

Obama gave nearly 1600 foreigners refugee status or residency, even though they had terror ties "under duress".

Trump's plan E2-E4

Trump plans to retreat back to his business empire should his lead fails and Carson gains on him. Who's the loser? We the people, since the very intransigent and inexperienced Carson will have no idea how to handle the Federal Reserve wayward money printing policy and raging Forex wars underway, and those cannot be solved by going to Sunday Bible school. The other myriad of problems facing this Nation are nearly insurmountable for an amateur to solve, hence his Presidency will be yet another profound failure on the way of running US into the ground.

Good time paradise

Philippines US Dollar nominated bonds beat their Southern Asia peers but even with a stream of dollar inflows from overseas the run may end due to narrowing spreads.

Danger from below

Antarctica delicate and very fragile ecosystem in the shallow waters of the continental shelf, a paradise of brightly colored creatures is under attack by giant king crabs due to water warming by 2 degrees Centigrade.

A creative thinker

A councilor for the local state of Tecamachalco in Mexico says that beggars should be put down by lethal injection. Trump should leave a locked door at the fence to be able to invade at any time they get out of line and start executing people.

Google new toys

September 29 live from San Francisco Google's to announce new Nexus smartphones and Chromecast devices.

HaHaHa,HoHoHo, down the bungle off they go

Regarding the question who is to be their GOP choice for US President, Citizen United poll incinerates operation "Pas-de-Calais" conspirators dream for World domination;Trump leads by 31%, Cruz at 20%. All other RomRyn misfits bite the dust including Ben "US President must swear to the Bible, not the Koran" Carson, and GOP "Golden Girl" Fiorina.

A market view by a pro

Bond King Bill Gross says that the stock market gains and future returns are to be limited if not down sloping.Cash or near cash are the best.

Alligator alley

John "I love Obama" Boehner crying crocodile tears after leaving for a sweet lobbyist job,having made a joke of US Congress with fellow GOP clown Mitch "Harry's twin" McConnell. They both denied the will of the Americans to shut down "the Government of the people, by the people,for the people" to weed out illegal activities and rampant spending.

Warning from "in the know"

Master trader and corporate rider Carl Icahn says US CEO's are grossly overpaid to the tune of average of 47 Mill. while average worker pay is $50,000, an all time high ratio, our debilitated plant and equipment is about 24 years old and in very bad condition, junk bond bubble of financing low credit customers about to burst, all of the above posing danger to the economy and being a prelude to a blood bath.

WWE blood money

WWE and the McMahons facing a class action lawsuit regarding concussions suffered by their wrestlers over the years.

No stop man

Despite an injury Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers throws five touchdowns in a 38-28 victory against the Chiefs.

Heavenly convergence

Super blood moon was visible in the US and around the world on Sunday night or early Monday. Will not to be seen until 2033.

Bonds flashing danger ahead

The spread between BBB or better rated corporate bonds and Treasuries rose to 1.6%, the largest since 2008,a danger sign indicating drop in investors confidence.

Market report 9/28/15

Dow Jones futures -21, sell signal at 16280, cover short trailing stop 16300, confirms SP500 sell,SP500 R2129, S 1881, DJI R16930, S 15300. Weakness in $SP500 broad market more pronounced than in the politically correct Industrial averages. Closing right at the 16001 critical level an indication that a lower opening on gap is in the cards intended to avoid a flurry of sell orders on the books. Whether Auntie Yellen may decide that it is to early to throw the towel and still support the secular is trend is unknown. If she intervenes as before, the result will be a Fed injection of few billions of WV $17 dollar bills and panic short covering by the bears, and then the old game of the declining triangle until a clean break out is realized. On other hand if the market continues to slide and penetrates the 3rd quartile of 15380,this will be an indication of fundamental change and possible a whiff of Trumponomics or alike. Gold (/GC) is in weekly and daily uptrend courtesy of the Shanghai g

A heap of trouble

Ben Carson said that NASCAR fans should fly the Confederate Flag on private property, a politically incorrect remark coupled with "Muslim President should swear on the Bible, not the Koran", and "I will not support a Muslim President" is almost certain to unleash the howl of the GOP Establishment and Unified Party USA hound dogs and a demand for apology. Hey, why not we all apologize for being Americans?

Time to get rid of Mitch "Harry's twin" McConnell?

John "I love Obama" Boehner successor Kevin McCarty says the 60 votes threshold rule in the US Senate should be abolished. Let start with kicking out that demented fossil Mitch McConnell first?

No sombreros por favor

The Student Union at the University of East Anglia in Norwich ordered Pedro's Tex-Mex Cantina to stop giving free sombreros to Non Mexicans, the practice deemed to be "racist".

Putin's admonishment

Putin says that the vacuum created by US , (i.e Obama and his saboteurs) withdrawal from Middle East created ISIS, a worldwide threat to humanity. He also said that Obama's meddling in Ukraine will cause more conflict and suffering. He declined to mention that Poroshenko fascists in criminal collusion with Obama inciters and saboteurs were the reason for de-stabilizing the region and the ill fated attempt to crush Russia.

Read old books and newspapers

Is China repeating President Hoover 1929 tight money fiasco after flooding the system with trillions in liquidity?Is a world wide depression directly ahead?

Found the water, where is the bayou?

Scientists find long dark streaks on Martian slopes that are possibly due to interaction of water with perchlorate salts.

Merkel get lost!

Merkel has done it: her country is under siege,gangs of men roaming the streets,young German women told to cover up. Ultimate treason?

Syria says "BamBam", Israel says "BoomBoomBoom"

Israel returns artillery fire on two Syria army positions after a rocket lands in the Golan Heights.

Choose wisely

The Establishment and the RomRyn's are dancing in the streets by the news that Carson is within a point from Trump in Iowa, and Fiorina is surging from 9% to 12%. One thing about Carson is that he belongs to a profession that is very likely to go bankrupt , so let choose wisely.

Join John on skid row?

Obama job rating is down to 41% and foreign policy approval even worse to only 37%. Time to follow your boozing buddy Boehner, Bam?

Trump's carrot & stick

Trump to unveil his tax plan that will give the middle and lower middle class a zero tax rate, many corporations will also see lower tax rates. Wall Street fat cats like Soros,Buffett, Gates & Co will see higher rates to pay their fair share, i. e get a long overdue haircut and beard trim courtesy of Donald's Barber shop.No wonder the Establishment and Fox News sent the RomRyns to get him, dead or alive.

A very bad day up North

The Steelers, The Kings of the North take a hit when Ben Roethlisberger suffers a very bad knee injury and Michael Vick takes the field.

Big black booths clamoring in the Gate

Germany DNB Chief says that the influx of 1 Mill. migrants have caused massive radicalization amongst far right and left wing groups, leading to 22 arson attacks on Immigration Centers.

A lots of barking going on

GOP Establishment "golden girl" Fiorina in a hot water over Planned Parenthood video pundits say it does not exist. Protesters shouted at her in University of Iowa, “layoffs, lies, no surprise."

Welsh dragon scores

Wales’ Gareth Davies scores in the Rugby match against England at Twickenham, WalesEngland 28-25.

Playing with matches eh?

Two teenagers were arrested and charged with arson in a blaze at a London mosque, one of the largest in Europe.

Two stubborn men

Broncos are 2-0, but mutiny is simmering due to Peyton Manning feud with Denver coach Gary Kubiak.

Crazy touchdown

TCU scores late to beat Texas Tech 55-52 when Trevone Boykin hit runningback Aaron Green who scored a touchdown.

Utah big day

Utah goes into Autzen Stadium and destroys Oregon 62-20.Quarterback Travis Wilson was Utah shining star throwing for 227 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Rihanna shines in Rio

Rihanna No Rock In Rio and her new crazy video "Bitch Better Have My Money" are creating a sensation.

El Santo Padre meet with Philly believers

Pope In Philly meet Pilgrims sleeping in a cemetery and families from as far as Ukraine and Argentina to hear stories of hunger, oppression and a blatant inequality.

Imagine there is no country, no possessions too?

Global citizen Dr. Biden says:"It’s within our reach,We can change the world, We really can, You can." So touching and wonderful it makes me sing John Lennon's "Imagine", "the Brotherhood of men" hymn of the hippies during the Vietnam war! How do we get rid of ISIS? Is Dr. Biden suggesting that there will be a Planetary Government? Has she read Sorbane's "The Endless Beginning"?

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

Siberian fox Putin?

Armed with Obama's cash, Iran to buy 21 Bill. of Russian space equipment and Sukhoi aircraft. Outfoxed US again? Is Obama the fist fighter and Putin the dentist like in the movies? We gave Egypt's Mubarak $750 mill. in military aid, he ended up in jail, then Morsi came and was sentenced to death, then Sisi bought 750 mill. of Russian arms with our money. Now Obama gave Iran $150 billion and they bough $21 billion of Russian arms with it. Is it possible that Obama is a secret admirer of Putin or worse? Sanctions or not, Putin keeps ringing the US cash, while we borrow 50 cents on the dollar from the Chinese. Someone is profoundly stupid or worse.

Bulgaria says "no more Muslims in"

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church advises the Government not to allow more Muslims migrants in, it is an invasion the Patriarch says. After 500 years under Ottoman slavery, can you blame them?

Sin City blockbuster

Life Is Beautiful 2015 Festival in Las Vegas is a dazzling music extravaganza from A to Z plus Learning Series talk shows by experts.

A serenade of love

Alden Richard serenade of YayaDub with his heart-felt version of God Gave Me You turns out to be a worldwide hit.

A Divine visit

El Santo Padre Pope Francis lights up the skies and the spirit of New York and the Nation with prayers at the 911 Memorial, Harlem school and Madison Square Garden.

One GOP bungler out, one more to go

Conservatives celebrate Boehner departure by dancing on the streets,yet Obama stooge McConnell and traitor to conservative principles is still a Senate Leader and must go soon.

Market Report 9/25/15

Dow Jones futures +72, market bounced off the 20 day moving average and fell, Resistance at 16437, support 16089. The broad market SP500 flashed a daily sell, Resistance 2020, Support a 1909, 1854, weekly and monthly downtrends. Gold /GC in daily uptrend, Resistance 1200, Support 1080. It appears that the Insiders are still hopping to see Trump's head at the end of a pike on the city walls, yet nasty top formations are clearly visible on the charts, led by SP500. We know that Yellen is in a trap, unwilling to raise rates that will toss the economy and National debt service into a tail spin, and incapable of reducing rates below zero fearing a dollar selloff that may precipitate an explosion in near money like gold and silver. Hence the most likely path for the Fed is to do nothing and let the markets slide and find a new equilibrium point without shaking the boat too much. Translation: The rumors of the untimely demise of Chief "His supporters are racists" Trump may be

Sixteen tons of number 9 coal

Apple I-phone 6S supplier Len's Technology used forced overtime,withheld wages and subjected workers to dangerous pollution due to hazardous substances. They are poisoning the Chinese, then selling the phone to under employed or unemployed Americans.

Obama & Xi cyber crime agreement

Obama and Xi reached cybercrime agreement: Chinese to outsource Internet spying to private contractors that will be allowed to steal no more than 1 million US records at a time and compare it to the Russians, who of course had stolen the records even before they were accessible to the Americans.

Traitors out, new hope in

John Boehner to resign in October and hopefully Nancy Pelosi will too after disgusting service and betrayal of the people. Obama must be in tears for losing such a devoted supporter and exponent of Unified Party USA and CFR.

Market Report 9/24/15

Janet Yellen got dehydrated today during a long speech discussing an interest rate that has been at zero for 7 year and she wants to keep it there indefinitely being afraid of yet another crash. Translation? The Fed is cornered, (please read the definition of risk blog few days ago), the only way out is through negative interest rates or inflation. $DJI futures are at +37 after the market probed the 16,000 level and bounced back, probably due to funds injection by the Fed. Market leaders like CAT lost big, (down 40% from the high) while $DJI is hardly down 10%. Daily trend is up, yet market is going down, a contradiction that will be resolved shortly. The powers to be don't want to see their dreamed and most profitable Obama/Buffett bull market come crashing down, so the declining triangle game will continue for the time being until selling crushes the market makers. The only bright spot is gold, a weekly buy at 1153, R at 1178, secular trend still down. This is still anoth

Thank you Santo Padre but no thanks

Pope's words on immigration and climate change are beautiful,but with a debt of 19 Trill. US can't afford it,Trump says.

$DJI hidden carnage

If DJI breaks critical 16,000 level,is BA stock to break support of 125 on the way to 100?CAT is down 40% while DJI hardly down 10%?

Philipinness rising star

Philippine PM Benigno Aquino handpicked successor Manuel Roxas is in 3rd spot in the latest public opinion survey.

US / China one way cooperation?

Gambler Kuang Wanfang who defrauded Bank of China of $485Mill. through money laundering was sent back to China. Why didn't China sent back the hackers who violated US Government computers and stole secrets and personal data of millions of US citizens? Obama downplayed that one again? He is brilliant, ain't he?

ElNino good , bad and the ugly

El Nino pushing summer into fall into winter due to global warming is a deadly threat to natural gas producers inventories and pricing.

CAT a drag on Dow and investors wallets

CAT stock down 40% despite alleged use of Finance Engineering.Falling global sales and income led to large layoffs and a deep haircut to shareholders.

Don't break the law, just bend it

A Chinese millionaire once tied to an alleged illegal money funding of the Clinton campaign was arrested by the FBI for lying about $4.5 million in cash brought into the US. Latest delivery was a suitcase with $450,000 in cash to a business associate.

Jumpire maddness

Jimmy Fallon ultimate Empire spoof titled Jimpire, rap and fresh beat about Chris Christie and what he sees on his bathroom scale.

Kneel down and kiss the ring, you miserable sinners

Pope In DC likely to challenge Congress on climate change, poverty, hunger and gay marriage. Boehner in trouble?All he needs now is a Pope to lecture him on top of the GOP rebellion boiling in the House.

Hajj in Mecca

Another tragedy in Holy city of Mecca when stampede during Hajj leaves at least 717 dead.

75% tax on multinationals coming soon?

GE blackmails again by creating 1000 jobs in UK due to the IMPORT/EXPORT bank fight. Is it time to levy a 75% tax on multinationals overseas earnings?

India / Pakistan heat ?

India's Corp 21 elite units and paratroops air drop to drill in Rajastan/Pakistan border, raising tensions and fear of war between nuclear armed nations.

Yellen's no way out?

Yellen scarecrow used again to push markets? Waiting for her speech? What can she say? The rates are at zero now. Negative rates and hyperinflation due to unlimited money printing coming in the next recession? Protect your money.

Meatballs in the morning, meatballs in the evening.....

Rich Lowry remark that "Carly cut his balls off" infuriates Trump,calls for FCC to fire him.Fox war widens? Operation "Pas-de-Calais" becomes personal? Are they luring Trump into a trap to punch someone? Fiorina is at 9% and Fox News is reporting that she is surging. On the down side?Let's boycott Fox News.

Market report 9/23/15

Dow Jones futures -37,indicators undefined,indication of a complete top in daily, weekly and monthly charts, possibly down gap below critical 16,000 level, Support at 15300. Wait until weeks and months end for more data and reversing of trends, have a drink, plant some petunias in your garden...... ...... Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice to buy or sell securities. Always consult a registered investment professional or broker before committing money to any stock or option instrument. is not responsible for any direct or consequential losses incurred in violation of this disclaimer. Read all SEC rules and regulations before making investment decisions.

Yogi Berra is gone, but the legend remains

Lawrence Yogy Berra, the joyful author of the Yogism "It ain't over till it's over", a baseball catcher who is one of the only two to win the MVP award 3 times and was All-Star 15 times, a D-Day hero has died at 90.

Saint Obama?

Pope In USA to canonize Junipero Serra draws protest from Natives Americans. Would the they mind if Obama becomes a Saint instead of Serra? Is that why the 48 white teeth brilliant smile on his face?Have you seen such a smile on his face ever? Maybe Hillary gave up and he is running for 3rd term with Pope's blessing.

Hillary's shouting spell

Hillary tells Obama "Call off your f–king dogs, Barack!," and he reportedly replied, "I can't and won't interfere," according to sources.

Fox tail on fire?

The legions of Chief Trump and his friends to surround and boycott Fox News? Is it time for Americans to give a supply and demand lesson to the arrogant Establishment? The heads of Kelly, O'Reilly and La Gumbas on a pike on the city walls? John "I love Nancy" Boehner and Mitch "Harry's twin" McConnell to be beheaded next for defying the will of the people?

If the left hand don't get you, the right one will

Trump opens fire on "I was a member of the Gang of 8" Rubio who with the help of McCain, Schumer and other senators tried to pass a bill giving amnesty to millions of illegals. Another plane shot down trailing smoke?

The lost generation

US generation X now in their 30s carry more personal, educational and real estate debt, live for "today only" with very low savings and expectations for the future. A ticking bomb?

Back to Wiemar? Hitler next?

City Bank analyst says that Governments are about to monetize debt by negative interest rates, allowing inflation or hyper inflation, i.e back to pre-Hitler Germany Republic of Wiemar. Buy your cat a silver coin, just in case.

More trouble for Credit Swisse

Credit Suisse to pay $80 mill. in fines to SEC and the State of New York for allowing latency arbitrage in its dark pool. It is a practice whereby one leg of a spread is established, then the other leg seconds later to take advantage of the inefficiencies of the market place.Dark pools are trading platforms unregulated by SEC, i.e a nest of robbers.

Clinton in a hot box?

Clinton and her staff routinely sent email information regarding foreign governments that is now investigated by FBI under US 18 Code 793 of the espionage act. Was she stupid, senile, arrogant or worse?

Trump to build a wall with a door.Golf course for Chapo next?

On the First Day Of Fall Trump tells Colbert that his US Mexico wall will have a big fat door allowing immigrants to come legally.

Boeings ouch to oops?

Boeing to sell 300 aircraft to three Chinese firms and set up a plant in China.First Day Of Fall good luck? A very good news for America?

Think before you mess with Trump

Trump after Club for growth for libel, claiming a dishonest, irrelevant and totally failing attacks on him planning to raise taxes.Fox News, you may be next.

Hol tlhIngan maj nuqneH

UCSD researchers have created a cloaking Klingon 3mm thick polymer made out of ceramic cylinders embedded in teflon that absorbs visible light and radio wavelengths.

Market report 9/22/15

Dow Jones futures -42,due to extreme volatility trailing stop at 16350 triggered,gain +394 DJ point in 10 days, daily trend still up, all other trends down. Top forming due to low volume? Wait for sell signal or re-confirmation of the daily trend................................................................................ ............................................................................................................... Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss. The market commentary provided by is for entertainment purpose only, and it is not to be construed as suggestion or investment advice to buy or sell securities. Always consult a registered investment professional or broker before committing money to any stock or option instrument. is not responsible for any direct or consequential losses incurred in violation of this disclaimer. Read all SEC rules and regulation before making investment decisions

Back to the plantation?

Freedom for Kesha story of an abused, drugged and raped by her manager pop star is a disgusting and shameful window to a world of women caught in the web of hidden slavery in the US.

Chief Trump vs Fox News war part 2; The Motion picture

Despite the lull in Operation "Pas-de-Calais", Fox News could not take Trump's positive poll numbers coming in , and fired a barrage of slime and tar artillery shells at him. "O'Reilly refused to post the great polls that came out today including NBC. I am having a really hard time watching Fox News", Trump says."Fox News guests are spoon fed morons,Lowry is truly one of the dumbest of the talking heads - he doesn't have a clue,"he continued. They hate you, Chief. Don't fall in their trap and concentrate on your mission. Fox News are losers and traitors to the Conservative cause and America's National interests.

Jeb running out of gas?

Trouble in Jeb Bush "My folks love open borders" family? Hispanic activists heckled him,"No hope with your vote". May be they should toss him over the fence?

Market Report 9/21/15

As we predicted , DJI churned in the 16300 area without violating the trailing stop at 16280. Market then took of to close at 16510, pushing deeply in the resistance band of the 17800 area, new trailing stop at 16350, Resistance 17113,17685, Support at 16000, 15300. Market is ignoring Trump latest poll at 34%, Fiorina at 10%, or is it celebrating it? Indicators are mixed with USD/CHF bottoming out and moving up, followed by gold, also in rally Resistance at 1165,1174. But that is a contradiction, since dollar and gold have a negative correlation, hence or the Insiders know something we don't, or the negative interest rates are skewing the log-normal pdf's models to the point of forced breakout in one of the indicators. At any rate , the rally in continuing, probably because Auntie Yellen printed 2 Billion of WV 17 dollar bills and flooded the Banking system with it. Keep a tight stop at 16350 and pay attention. Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market involves risk of loss

More Fiorina lies

Fiorina lied to Hannity and Fox News that SEC cleared her of wrongdoing for selling Iran computers and equipment worth millions through a Dubai subsidiary.

Yet another GOP RomRyn bungler out

Sore loser Walker is out of the race like his cousin Perry, bashing Chief Trump for not accentuating a positive view of America. You mean to say that he is not lying like the others? Unified Party USA and the Establishment GOP did more damage to the US homeland than Russia,stupid.

RomRyn's falling down, falling down, falling down

As Walker drops out due to lack of money, Jeb and the other clowns are hanging on their nails for miserable life, wondering if it is time to bail out. Meanwhile Chief Trump is to unveil "a great National security team" shortly. Sounds good, doesn't it ? Complete failure of Operation "Pas-de-Calais" and money in the millions lost due to stupidity and unbridled arrogance. Will the Unified Party USA, CFR and Establishment GOP embrace Chief Trump warmly? This is like Iran's Ayatollahs giving a hug to Netanyahu on Yom Kippur day with one hand, the other holding a knife. Stand by.

Turing no mercy men?

Stay away from AIDS since turingpharma raised the price from $13.5 to $700 per pill. Peace loving people, eh?

Trump is not hiding on tweeter Q & A

Is Ask Trump Q&A good or bad for America? At least he is honest and not lying like Fiorina and the others, does not hide his face behind PR types of being a puppet, he is marvelous.

Cacophony in motion, part 2; the sequel

Bill, Barack , Hillary and Spendy Sanders, all sporting an Elvis like, diamonds studded suits must be dancing their lives away at the tune of "Cacophony in motion", while the lunatics of the "Establishment GOP" crowd are throwing chairs, ladders and tables at the dashing "His supporters are racists" Trump and the blunt "American President should swear on a Bibles, not the Koran" Carson MD. That a group of good looking, well dressed, educated and wealthy Americans can lie consistently and without a wink of the eye is astounding, the last victim being GOP "golden girl" Fiorina just caught in fabricating a Planned Parenthood lie. Being on a sure path of losing yet another election due to an idiotic righteousness and inability to admit making a mistake is approaching the boundary of acute danger for a country deeply in debt, and on the way to double that in four years. It is not clear if the majority of Americans are willi

Fiorina plane hit by ack-ack fire

Fiorina caught in a 2nd debate lie describing a Planned Parenthood video. It does not exist, pundits says.

Definition of risc

According to the Great Cleveland Radio and TV personality Mr. John Lanigan, risk is defined as "Walking backward completely naked, in the middle of the night, in a gay bar." It would be nice if the Fed Governors have heard this joke, since recent reports indicate that they are toying with the idea of negative interest rates, which is a disaster, or raising rates that would implode the balance sheets of weak companies and consumers, the driving force in the current Obama/Buffett economic so called recovery, which will be a catastrophe.

GOP shattered dreams

Immersed in the deafening howls of the media and fellow RomRyn's yes men and booth lickers, Ben Carson MD refuses to support Muslim US President despite previous claims that when operating on man's brain, religion or race does not matter. So it does matter, doesn't it Benny? You lied again didn't you? Another GOP bungling clown down,6 more to go.

Big crime, small world

Former Philippine governor Reyes and his brother are arrested in Thailand for the murder of a radio anchor and a prominent environmentalist. Deportation proceedings pending.

Bad news Bears

Bears QB Jay Cutler injured hamstring after throwing pick-six to give the Cardinals a 28-14 lead.

Boeing dental problems?

Russia and China to jointly develop a wide body jet to fight Boeing/Airbus duopoly. A very bad news for Boeing? Large jets not selling well already due to oil deflation and Yellen's currency war.

WWE wars

In WWENOC Charlotte celebrate with her father Rick Flair the win of the Divas Title, Kevin Owens crushes Ryback to win the Intercontinental title and John Cena wins the US Championship by beating Seth Rollings.

Is the GOP US greatest enemy?

GOP insider Haugland says that RNC bosses will rig the primary and state rules to deny Trump the nomination. With full blown Pas-de-Calais operation of demeaning, sliming and offending Trump on most TV and mass media outlets, and the personal attack by so called "conservative" Glen Beck accusing Trump supporters of being "racists", it is clear that the Unified Party USA and its political arm the Council of Foreign Relations are determined to continue on the current course of endless money printing and abolishment of the Institutions of the American Constitution. What's next? If Hillary Clinton, Spendie Sanders or one of the RomRyn's are elected, the National debt will reach 36 Trillion dollars by 2020, and the first pop-up of the interest rates will put the debt service into a default position and country in a irreversible crash.

Emmy's intrigue burning

Will the Emmy's go to Mad Men, AMZ streaming services, Amy Schumer , John Ham, Viola'Davis and Taraj I. Phenson ? Can you wait to hear the verdicts? I can't.

Trump and Putin to have a drink

Trump would like to meet with Putin,"I will get along with him,relationship with others is important for dealmaking." he says.

Willcommen sie und Auf Wiedersehen

Arson attack in Germany city of Heilbronn on a planned migrants accommodation center, gutted by fire. Is Merkel about to drop the burka?

Steelers main man

Steelers Antonio Brown 4th all-time in franchise receptions, records 400th career reception, a historic achievement.

Real Madrid can't buy me love

MUFC goalkeeper DeGea signed a new contract with the team and denies that RealMadrid is to pay €10m to get his signature.

Manchester United fills the gap

The new strike force of MUFC Rooney and Martel will fill the gap left by Van Persie, a magnificent #move.

Keep on drlling, keep on shaking

Oklahoma had two earthquakes a year and now two a day. Fracking wells may be the reason. No peace of mind or peaceful sleep?

Back on the bench

After two interceptions in OSU game against Northern Illinois, Cardal Jones was benched by J.T.Barrett.

Victory in Singapore

Singapore PM Singh discusses the reasons for PAP resounding victory in the recent General Election in a Facebook posting.

Leaders, not followers

Nepal and Japan are leading the Far East movement for social change by adopting or modifying Constitutions.

From the English mist

Jackie Collins and sister Joan Collins brought air of English mystery and intrigue to Hollywood and the world.

Japan secret weapon

Japan has invented the best medicine against depression: rent a hot man or a woman and leave your troubles behind.

A Message of Peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

While politicians are throwing eggs at each other....

The H1 background radiation left from the Big Bang bombarding our satellites may contain indistinguishable interstellar alien signals encoded in it, Snowden says. Hello , Alpha Centauri, Helooo, may I place an order of Marcian roasted turkey on Klingon rye bread and a side order of Vega's marinated crocodile eggs please? How much? Six GU (Galactic Units), that is an outrage?

Get off my back or A ma shoot you sucka!