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Bibi1581 Blog For 9/13/2017: Morning Edition

1..............> Un Darling: Mr.Xi China's very shrewd Mr.Xi insisted on watering down latest sanctions to let Kim Jong-un know that he is still their favored pit bull that can keep its diamond studded nuke collar, and that Beijing does not believe sanctions will force the North Korean leader to surrender his weapons. 2............> Drug Dealer's Currency: Bitcoin The chief executive of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon called the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin's value continued rise "a currency made of thin air" and a "fraud," predicting that "it won't end well." Dimon said that if one of his JPMorgan workers would trade Bitcoin, he would have fired him "in a second for two reasons. One, it’s against our rules. Two, it’s stupid." 3.............>   Smart On Global Warming: China Bei

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/12/2017:Evening Edition

1............> Marco's Gift To All: Paper Money Almost 750 years ago, a young Venetian merchant named Marco Polo wrote a remarkable book chronicling his travels in China, "Book of the Marvels" of the World that was full of strange foreign customs that Marco claimed to have seen,  one of the first Europeans to witness an invention that remains at the foundation of the modern economy: paper money. 2............> The Woman Behind The Man: Lady Un Kim Jong-un’s wife has made a rare public appearance alongside the North Korean leader at a celebration of the pariah state’s advancing nuclear capabilities. Ri Sol-ju was photographed at a gala banquet for the engineers who conducted country’s most powerful nuclear test to date last Sunday. at  3.............> Defend DACA: Deport Gutierrez Secretary of Homeland Security and White House chief of staff Gen. John Kelly resp

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/12/2017: Morning Edition

1...........> Enemy At GOP Gate: Bannon The Barbarian In his very blunt way, former adviser to President Trump Steven Bannon said that "Russian collusion is a farce,” and had FBI Chief Comey not been fired, “we would not have the Mueller investigation." He also returned fire on Republican congressional leaders and dedicated Council of Foreign Relations operators Paul “Romney Jr.” Ryan and Mitch ”Harry’s Twin” McConnell, accusing them of "trying to nullify the 2016 election” because “they do not want Donald Trump's populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented." 2..............> Applied Global Warming: Dakka, Bangladesh A flooded street, a bus struggling on a road that looks more like a raging river, people walk in a high muddy water, half submerged rickshaws and vehicles misery stuck in rushing flood are the very familiar scenes seen in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bibi1581 Blog for 9/11/2017: Evening Edition

1.............> Applied Global Warming: The Cost Of Stupidity Global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs on Saturday lowered its third quarter growth forecast of the U.S. economy to 2 percent from 2.8 percent since hurricanes Harvey and Irma are forecast to cost the U.S. $290 billion, with the damage from Irma is estimated to be around $100 billion -- 0.5 percent of U.S. GDP of $19 trillion and Harvey is expected to cost $190 billion, or 1 percent of GDP. 2.............> Standing Tall And Unyielding: USA “The terrorists who attacked us thought they could incite fear and weaken our spirit, but America cannot be intimidated, and those who try will soon join the long list of vanquished enemies who dared to test our mettle,” Trump said at a ceremony at the Pentagon. "America does not bend, we do not waver, and we will never, ever yield,” he added, and then followed with a moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the most vicious attack on US

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/11/2017: Morning Edition

1...........> Gloves Off: Islamic Merkeldom Of Germany Democracy "The reason why we are overrun by culturally foreign people such as Arabs, Sinti and Roma is the systematic destruction of civil society as a possible counterweight from the enemies of the constitution by whom we are governed," newspaper quoted an email  by opposition AfD's party leader Alice Weidel as saying. The email described German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government as "pigs" who were nothing more than "puppets of WWII allies." It continued to say Merkel's government was given the task of limiting the population of the German " Volk ," or people . 2.............>  Rooting For War: Operation "Zapad" With officially 12,700 servicemen (100,000 estimated by Islamic Merkeldom of Germany) involved in the upcoming drills "Zapad-2017", 70 planes and helicopters, 280 tanks, 200 artillery weapons, ten ships, and various ot

Bibi1581 Blig For 9/9/2017 Evening Edition

1...........> Visions Of The Exodus: Empty Ocean According to experts, “Hurricane Irma is so strong and its pressure is so low, it’s sucking water from its surroundings into the core of the storm. In the center of the storm, where there is extreme low pressure, water is drawn upward. Low pressure is basically a sucking mechanism — it sucks the air into it, and when it’s really low, it can change the shape of the surface of the ocean. As the storm draws water toward the center, it gets pulled away from the surroundings.” Residents of Long Island and Exuma, where water had also reportedly receded from the beaches, to be careful as the ocean returned back to high levels. 2............> English vs The Americans Is the American conquest of the English language a revenge against the centuries of British sovereigns domination over the British English language, culture and traditions? Are some of the many outrag

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/10/2017: Morning Edition

1.........> Applied Global Warming: Hurricane Valley USA After pummeling the eastern Caribbean Islands the monster storm Irma caused widespread destruction on infrastructure and flattening most buildings, and now is approaching US shores, forcing 7 million people to evacuate low-lying coastal areas of Florida as winds of up to 75 mph and are predicted to be 125 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). If this misery is not enough, Hurricane Jose is few hundred miles behind on basically same course, threatening more death and destruction to the Caribbean region. 2..........> Founding Viking Mom: Sweden DNA testing by archaeologists and historians have revealed that the remains of a “powerful military Viking leader” buried with weapons and horses in the town of Birka, Sweden are that of a woman, over the age of 30 and nearly 6 feet tall. Her sword, an axe, spear, armour-piercin

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/9/2017: Evening Edition

1............> Dollar Fears: US The dollar has been sliding since President Donald Trump's inauguration and it has lost about 11% versus a basket of currencies as the irresponsible money printing and stock market interventions by Yellen continued unabated. The gold has rallied to just below long term resistance of 1389, before Fed selling forced a quick profit taking. 2............> Minefields: Bangladesh Border   "The disclosure of the use of deadly mines by the Myanmar military on the borders of Rakhine [state] and Bangladesh has confirmed the initial allegations that there have been serious human rights abuses in Myanmar," the Amnesty International Indonesia group said in a statement about measures to prevent the return of Rohingya refugees. 3............>   Royal Goldsmith: Luxor Egypt has announced the discovery on the west bank of the river Nile

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/9/2017: Morning Edition

1............> "Divide Et Impera": President Trump Divides GOP President Donald Trump signed a bill to provide $15 billion in aid for Hurricane Harvey victims that also includes a debt ceiling extension to keep the government running until early December. All opposing votes in both chambers were cast by Republican members of McCain-Graham D.C. swamp alligators "Deep State" US Government, who asked that the debt limit be extended by 18 months, as they have enthusiastically voted for years in support of our 1st Muslim President and Secretary of Unified Party USA, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama. 2............> Don’t Pull Devil’s Tail: Irma "His board was tombstoning, he was underwater, I got a photo of his last wave. But he made that wave. Didn't fall. I think it might have happened on his way in,” a fellow surfer described the last moments of a teenage Barbados surfer who was knocked unconscious and drowned as Irma violent sur

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/8/2017: Evening Edition

1.........>   Beating of Handcuffed Inmates:  Angola  State Penitentiary A former supervisory correctional officer at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana, pleaded guilty today to participating in the beating of a handcuffed and shackled inmate, conspiring to cover up his misconduct by falsifying official records and lying to internal investigators about what happened. 2..........> The death toll from tropical storm Lidia in Baja California Sur is seven but up to 13 people are still reported missing in the wake of the powerful storm that caused widespread damage and left more than 4,000 victims, according to Governor Carlos Mendoza. 3............> A View Of Distant Saturn Moons: Antarctica "But we're picking up DNA from plants and animals in the (Antarctica) cave

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/8/2017: Morning Edition

1............> Abu Sayyaf On The Run: Mindanao Two of seven remaining Indonesian hostages were released by the Abu Sayyaf group after a military operation killed five militants on the southern island of Sulu. Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, Joint Task Force Sulu commander, identified the freed Indonesians as Saparrudin Kone and Sawal Maryam who were recovered in Talipao, Sulu. 2............> Human Catastrophe: Myanmar Due to a dramatic increase in the number of refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state,  "270,000 people have now arrived in Bangladesh in search of safety," UN Refugee Agency reported in Geneva. 3............> The Wrath Of The Gods: Mexico A tsunami warning was issued for Mexico, with six foot high waves possible after a n earthquake described as the country's strongest in a century struck off the southern coast, killing at least 27 people. The quake, which President Enrique PeƱ

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/7/2017: Evening Edition

1............> An Eye Sore For Mr.Xi Regime: Mr.Guo Beijing has sought the arrest of Mr Guo's Wengui, also known as Miles Kwok, a man who believes that he is "perceived as a political opponent of the Chinese regime" despite the fact that charges against him are not very clear as it is usually the case of Communist "witch hunts". 2..........> Russian Smear Campaign: FBook Facebook "Holy Inquisition Group" has discovered a Russian-funded campaign to promote divisive social and political messages on its network that used $100,000 on about 3,000 ads over a two-year period, posting on topics of immigration, race and equal rights. Is farting while posting on Facebook to be soon considered a subversive and divisive behaviour by Comrade Zuckerberg & Co? 3...........> Comrade Un's Gratitude: Medals & Watches The designers and technicians that bui

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/7/2017: Morning Edition

1............> The Roots Of Culture: Turkey Excavations in the province of Kayseri, southeast of Turkey’s capital Ankara, at an ancient tumulus or burial mound has led to discovery of tablets dating back 4,000 years that show the beginnings of writing and literacy in ancient Anatolia. 2............>   Obama boys" Airlifted By US: Sputnik "Amid successful actions by Syrian government troops in the eastern part of Syria in late August, a number of field [Daesh] commanders backed by US special services, had been promptly evacuated from Deir ez-Zor to safer regions in order to use their experience in other directions," the source said. If true, was this done with Trump's knowledge, or is it yet another illegal action by the "Deep State" parallel government of USA? 3..............> CIA Toolbox: Check Your Heartbeat The WikiLeaks whistleblo

Bibi1581 Blog For 9/6/2017: Evening Edition

1..............> Market Report 9/6/2017, sell stop 21750, CG(4100),11/21/16 Our short position was covered at DIA 21800 for a gain of 50 points a nd a new position established at 21850, sell stop 21800 closed for a loss of 50 DIA points. A new short position was established at 21850, cover short stop at 21800 for a gain of 50 DIA points was closed and a new long position established at 21800, sell stop 21750 for a loss of 50 DIA points. Relentless meddling in the markets and unwillingness to allow a 5% correction that created near impossibility to produce a trading profit was put to a test due to real possibility of nuke shooting war between US and DKRP. Yellen intervened again after only 300 points market drop and halted the decline as she has done for years, still refusing to allow a 5% market correction due to crash fears and involuntary unwinding of her bond portfolio. The market rebounded less than 200 points before selling forced prices down through 21850 level again. >&