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Market Report 8/31/15

Brand new monthly sell signals in $DJI and SP500, 1st in 9 months, $DJI Resistance at 16850, Support 15090, 11600; SP500 Resistance at 1980, Support 1830, 1620; all gold trends also in downtrends, Resistance 1050, Support 1050,820,649. Since markets are completely controlled by the Fed, don't be surprised to hear Fed Governor Fisher remarks igniting a counter rally when Chinese Xi comes to visit his dear friend Obama. After all, it will bad for both these big spenders to shook hands in a sign of endless money printing cooperation when markets in their countries are crashing miserably, dragging the whole world to the gutters. The VIX indicator has been flashing warning signals, an indication that professionals are hedging for a drop, should the $DJI and SP500 open on a gap below 15100 and 1830 respectively. Behind all this may the simple fact that the if markets break on the downside, the pirates and cut throats on Exchanges may be preparing for Trump presidency, and possible f

GOP boiling bones, bones chicken bones

Given the meteoric rise of "I am a winner" Chief Trump, the GOP Establishment is finally starting to realize that he may be here to stay.Here is the battle plan they have devised for his destruction: 1. Wait until Trump's big mouth eventually do him in. 2. Make primaries impossible for Trump to win. 3. Initiate "Operation Pas-De-Calais", an all fronts smear campaign funded by a Republican billionaires and PACS aimed at destroying his image. 4. Treat Trump as an occasional nuisance that given time will eventually dissipate by itself. The above battle plan makes very plain the detachment, criminal negligence ,stupidity and boundless arrogance of the GOP elite as a part of Unified Party USA, answerable only to their rich donors, but not the American people. Whether they succeed or not, the dead weight of the 18.5 Trillion of National debt and the supply and demand forces of the market place will issue a judgement, and will not be a painless one. It is ultima

The eyes of the cobra

#China #Caihong5 #drone has #payload of 3 #tons & #allweather #radar .Can fly up to 20 hours& shoot on #human #comand . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Trump power?

#ICE arrested 240 #criminal #aliens in #CA , 190 are from MX.Only 240? #Ramos must be crying? #Trump #power coming? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Sandy Benders was a hippie

#BernieSanders applied for #conscientiousobjector #status during #Vietnam , i.e was a #hippie .Did he escape to #Canada ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Excitement, excitement

Need excitement?Move to #China 's #Shaanxi #province and wait for #rocketengine to drop in.Embrace your #cats &relax. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

I did nothing wrong, almost nothing

#Obama Sr.,aka #HillaryClinton improperly used #thumbdrives to move #data to her #server , compromising the #network . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Dementia, please leave me alone

How do you find out if you may have or on the way of having dementia? 1. If you visit the bathroom, do the job and leave, forgetting to flush the water. 2. If you visit the bathroom, then leave forgetting why you are there in first place. 3. If you visit the bathroom, do the job, flush the water and leave, forgetting to pull your pants down. 4. Call your dentist by dialing your social security number. 5. Walking on the street with one foot in a shoe, the other barefoot, then call the city complaining that the sidewalk is not properly graded.

Mt.PanchoVilla or Mt.Hezbollah?

#Obama rub noses with #eskimo ,snubs #Ohio renaming #Mt .McKinley #Mt .Denali.Why not #Mt .PanchoVilla or #Mt .Hezbollah? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Give me snuff babe

A #woman is #arrested in #Walmart #parking #lot for getting high of #disinfectant #spray , #poor #man 's way to #heaven . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Where is Home Depot?

50 #NKorea #subs that caused fear of #war with #SouthKorea may have been recalled due to leaking #screendoors . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

A stone age WiFi tower?

A #stone #age #idol found in #Siberia covered with #wood #markings is at least 9000 years old,a #window in the past. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Merkel in a burka

Say it, just have the guts to say it! Germany is converting to Islam, which is not a bad thing at all, considering how many millions were killed in Europe under the cover of Christianity. The new country will be known as the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany, following the footsteps of fellow Islamic Sheikdoms of France and Britain. Bad joke you say? Not at all, since the new countries will have the guts to throw Soros and his conspirators out, get rid of the crap that has been pushed on people as "our way of life" like drugs, porn and alike. The only thing is that from time to time there may be few hangings or executions, but hey, no one is perfect. Just try to imagine Merkel in a burka, sporting a Hitler mustache and pair of black booths recently recovered from the Nazi train in Poland. The train by the way can be parked on the border so Angela can greet the new migrants flowing from the Middle East.

The battle of the border fences

Chief "I am a winner" Trump wants to build 1900 miles fence along the Mexico border. In a desperate attempt to put one of theirs RomRin clones in the White House, RNC golden boy Walker want to build a 4000 miles fence along Canada's border. Is not the fence, stupid! G.W.Bush Border patrol was not allowed to arrest drug smugglers unless they had at least 500 pounds of pot on them, that's why Ramos and Compean were sent to prison, having shot the sorry ass of a running Mexican dope dealer. It is the blatant disregard of US sovereignty and Constitution that the Establishment GOP in criminal collusion with the Dems have been undermining for over 40 years, on the generous payroll of the "World without borders" founder Soros. Fence or not, most of GOP and Dems candidates are obnoxious and ruthless losers who wont stop at anything to get their lobbyist wishes come true.

Fox News sings a Trump requiem

Carson being just 5 points behind Trump in Iowa poll, and GOP CFR bred lap dogs dressed in black are already wailing the Trump requiem, trying to forget a man they wish never remembered. The problem with the 16 or so RomRin clones pushed forward by Establishment is that none of them has the total set of qualifications to be a President of the USA, starting with being yes men and booth lickers pushed by the large capital into playing a position to deceive the American people, while the lobbyist are pulling the strings from behind. The economics of Forex and other current markets is so intensely complex and unpredictable, that even professionals with forty years of trading experience have trouble producing a profit. Enter Carson, a brain surgeon and brilliant guy who has no clue about how precarious the current markets are, courtesy of Yellen and her conspirators who have ballooned the money supply almost seven hundred percent, kept the interest rates to zero, loading us with 18.5 tril

Please fasten seat belts

Bumpy ride ahead, #DJIA futures down 180, #SP500 down 20,end of month pressure may flash 1st monthly sell in a while. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Give me back my train

#Putin may seize #Nazi #goldtrain if the #Amber room’,made of #amberpearls worth $300 millions is found on it. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Stocks too expensive

#NobelLaureate #RobertSchiller #CAPE indicator places #DJIA at 11,000 & #SP500 at 1300. #DJIA is at 16650,SP500 1998. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 31, 2015

Lots of luck

Italian energy giant Eni discovers 30 Trill. cubic feet of natural gas field in an area of 40 square miles in deep water of the Mediterranean sea 60 miles from Port Said.

Don't change the topic

#China shows its #AirForce in action.Cut the crap #Xi ,let #yuan fly,stop #markets crash, grill some #cheeseburgers . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Trump lets feathers fly

#Trump called #Hillarys #dreamgirl #HumaAbedin 's husband #Weiner a #perv & a #sleazebag , accused of passing info. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Is EU in need of "Peresroika" and booth out the liberals?

Is #PerfectStorm to sink #EU #liberals as wave of #terrorism , #migration #crises and #crime engulf the #continent ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

China50 ETF option skew

#Put #prices on #China50 #ETF are surging versus #calls , as the #Government was buying the index.A #skew or #warning ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

The Great Wall of Trump countermeasures

Rumors are floating around that the cartels have produced taller ladders, ready to dig deeper tunnels, and in fact use catapults and drones to get people and merchandise over the fence. One can only wonder if they may clone thousands of copies of Megyn Kelly and send them to disturb Trumps press conferences, or in fact try to steal his dogs. During the Romneys run there were rumors that cartels were testing Garcia 102 clone , a human being programmed to vote on demand, for example Jeb.Garcia102.clone. They had a safety measure build in; if the clone malfunctions, it was to be thrown over the fence back to Mexico,

Love thy brother

The #Netherlands , #EU 8th largest #destination for #asylum #seekers , to toughen rules due to a #deluge of #refugee 's. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

A "bashful adios, muchachos" coming

After #1929 #crash million #Mexicans were #deported due to lack of jobs. If #depression hits, will it happen again? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

The tragic end of Yellen's experiment?

Since #devaluation of the #yuan , at least $5Trill. has been wiped off global #stockmarkets . #TheEndlessBeginning ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Hillary's cellmate

"Hillary for #prison 2016" signs stolen? By #Hillary or #Sanders folks? #Pray that #BillCosby is not her #cellmate . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Vote "No" to Sanders, pops

#Medicare /Medicaid #premiums for 15 Mill. #seniors will jump from $100 to #150/month. #Fat #cats will be multiple of — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Electronics that countour the body form

Brilliant #AshCarter done it again: #DOD to award #contract to #Akron #polymer group to develop flexible electronics. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

Doctrines of peace

Turn of the #channel on movie, #TV & political types who have ignored & offended #Christ 's & other doctrines of peace.Boycott them&walk away. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Down by the river

#Commodities sunk after #BlackMonday by #Chinesefearfactor , pushing oil to $37.75 p/b. Wave of #bankruptcies coming? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Tila "Heil Hitler" Tequila

#Hitler admirer #TilaTequila dropped of #UK #realityshow . Are her pro-Hitler #views an aberration or #EU #trend ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

China bank reserves cap

#China drops 75% #loantodeposit #bank cap,allowing 75% of #deposits to be loaned. Desperate move to prop #markets ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Take a pick

Is #Trump the modern #Hoover ?Made in #America ,anti #immigration ,strong #dollar & #military ?Or you prefer weak #Obama ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

South Dacota wonder

Hundreds of feet beneath #SouthDacota #Blackhills a labyrinth of #lakes hold the purest #water on #Earth . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 30, 2015

Dutch Schultz vs Bugsy Siegel

VP Cheneys says that Obama has surrendered global leadership, which is something incredible for one member of Council of Foreign Relations to say about another member. But it was on Reagan's watch when Cheney and Father Bush unleashed the "supply side" economics and coined what is now known as "The New World Order". Trillions of American business and knowhow were sent overseas, creating the industrial monster China while leveling scores of US cities to ashes and ushering the current debt crisis with their endless tax cuts to the rich. That no one has been ever charged with at least criminal negligence or at most with treason for the incomprehensible damage done the American Homeland is one of the miracles of our democracy. Still Cheney, with his criticism of Obama who certainly has done another round of damage by creating what some have called "The New World Disorder", can be correctly accused to be like Dutch Schultz disapproving the work ethics of

Another blackmail?

#GE will not move office to #Houston due to politicians opposition to #ExportImport Bank.Another Macy like blackmail? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

Para bailar, para soniar Copa Cabana

#Brazil is into the #longest #recession since 1931, battered by falling #commodity #prices & #political #crisis . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

Canadian winter

Royal Bank of Canada &other #banks are raising provisions for #bad #loans due to deflationary crash in #metals & #energy — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

In Al Capone's shadow

Due to #budget crisis #ILLINOIS #lottery pays prizes up to 25000, big wins have to wait #Al #Capone approval. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

Anchor babies, Welfare babies

75% of legal or #Illegal families from #Mexico & #Guatemala with #AnchorBabies get #welfare and #Medicaid assistance. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

Leave soon Trumpie

#Trump to speak at #immigration #rally in #Nashville ,greeted with sign:"Make Nashville great again.Please leave soon." — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

You are welcome

With a stroke of #pen #Merkel allowed #Syrians to apply for #asylum in #Germany . Giving in on the #human #wave ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 29, 2015

N.Korea nukes and drugs

#NKorea may be producing #crystalmeth as #source of #hardcurrency , #weightloss for the #wealthy & #suppression of the — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Throwing mud,eh?

#Hillary expects extreme views of #women from #terrorists ,but not from #GOP #Presidential #candidates .Throwing mud,eh? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you

8/28/15 Market Report. The VIX fear gage recorded a historical high of about 148, meaning that people are hedging using S&P futures for another trouble ahead. Two China devaluations followed by reducing bank ratios and flushing system with reserves indicates intent to push for higher dollar rates and more competitive yuan. Translation? Yellen and her co-conspirators have delayed rate hike in US in fear that may cause a market crash and election loss for the Dems. Hence the rate uptick came from the Forex market, forcing the Fed to reduce rates to nearly zero to reverse the violent decline this week. The lovely question is what will the Fed do on the next crash with rates near zero. Reduce rates in negative territory? But that will unleash a flood of dollar selling, a contradiction. The 50% re-trace level from the high of 18351 and low of 15241 is 16796, with a 20 and 50 day moving averages just above that where the market encountered selling yesterday.Remembering that the fall

Border clashes

#Shelling east of #Punjab on #India / #Pakistani #border killed 8 Pakistanis&wounded 47 , 1 Indian killed&18 injured. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

The Brixton currency

There is an old joke about a man stopping to get tank of gas, a doughnut and pack of smokes for about $14 dollars in Wheeling, West Virginia. With a big smile on his face, the station attendant hands him a $17 West Virginia dollar bill, telling him to keep the change. The Brixton currency, which circulates in neighborhoods of southwest London, is exchanged 1B=1P and only one of the alternatives to official money created lately, including the bit-coin, used in commerce mostly on the Internet. One can only wonder if these guys have heard the above joke?

Trump shivers

#Google Founder #SergeyBrin sold 33,332 #shares of class A&C stock for about $10 mill. #Trump shivers in his timbers? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Dream on, baby

Can GOP Establishment money pay for Jeb's Presidency?Can a dull,low energy person who needs a cheeseburger crush Trump?

Dancing in the moonlight

#Trump & #TedCruz are fast becoming the most talked about duo of #GOP . #Trump was invited to anti #IranDeal #rally . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Bad loans

Due to low #GDP growth, #Chinese #banks may be hit by #badloans due to #bankruptcies & #narrow #margins . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Sanders is a liar

Bernie Sanders said:“A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932. He won an election, and 50 million people died as a result of that election in World War II, including 6 million Jews. So what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important.” Not true, Hitler lost to Hindenburg 50% to 38%.

Crazy bastards

Two men who could not swim jumped into a canal at the #Venetian in #LasVegas &ended up in #UMC .Snuffed paint or dope? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Deadly human wave

71 #Syrian #migrants found dead in a truck in #Austria on the side of the road.Two #Bulgarians & #Hungarian arrested. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Jeb's hanky-panky

#Trump says that #Lehman Bros. paid #JebBush $1.3 Mill. no show salary to direct #Florida #statefunds to the firm. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

GOP Civil war

#HouseSpeaker #John #Pelosi #Boehner fired a shot at Sen. #TedCruz , calling him a "jackass" at #CO #fundraiser . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

Mexico strikes back

#Mexico filed lawsuit on behalf of 6 #U .S #citizens #children for refusal of #registrars to accept #foreign ID cards. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 28, 2015

A Trump Christmas story

While the peaceful Philippinos are feasting on adobo, pancit and warm rice, listening to nocturnal Sinatra songs in their island paradise, the Chinese tug boats have roped the whole archipelago, dragging it West/ North West at 1/4 miles per day. By the time Obama is out in some 500 days and the last suitcase has been thrown in the back of his limousine, the Philippines will be overlapping the Chinese artificial islands and they can take possession without firing a shot. Obama of source could care less, and naturally "downplay" the whole crime, tossing it in the lap of the Republicans. Meanwhile, Pres. Putin would have taken over the North pole territories, de-facto making Santa Claus and his reindeers Russian nationals, giving then Pres. Trump his first challenge; A Western Christmas without Santa. But being the manager and commander he is, Chief Trump will quickly find a amicable solution. The Constitution does not prevent the Commander in Chief of being Santa Claus, so w

Another Eichmann curse

#Nazi #train ,buried and forgotten in #Polish #mountains #tunnels dug by #deathcamps #prisoners may be #booby -trapped. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

Nasty dudes

"Are there #illegals immigrants in #Baltimore , #StLouis , #Ferguson and #Chicago #gangs ?" #Trump asked. #Cities deny it. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

A trail blazer

Chief "You are fired" #Trump has hit a 40.1% approval in #nationalpolling , leaving the #GOP RomRin clones in the — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

Hillary is a liar

According to a #Quinnipiac poll, #Obama Sr.,aka as #Hillary Clinton is “dishonest,untrustworthy liar”, #Biden scoring — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

Chain of fools

Apparently #AshleyMadison hack shows #site where 20 mill. #macho #men ,but very few #women shared their #sex exploits. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

China lightens up on US Treasuries

China sells billions of US Treasuries to reduce exposure to Fed money printing, support the yuan and its 3.5 Trill. foreign reserves.

US left behind?

#India #spacecraft sends crystal clear photos of #Mars #mountains ,while #Chinese craft probe for #He3 on the #moon . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

Venezuelan Weimar?

#Venezuela to issue #banknotes in higher denominations (500 #bolivar or more) due to rampant inflation. #Weimar again? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

8/26/15 market report

USD/CHF jumped from 0.9222 to 0.9531 triggering Forex buy programs, that lead to massive short covering, Resistance 17195, Support 15370 on the daily chart. All $DJI trends so far are unchanged from the previous report(confirmed down daily and weekly, up monthly) in expectation of monthly buy or sell signal by the end of the week. Volatility spike is pushing the VIX to highs unseen for years.Think hedge.

Move to higher ground

#UN #climatechange models predicted that #sealevels could rise as much as 20 feet if #globalwarming is unabated. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

China market losses

#China #market loss is $5 Trill.,twice the value of the stocks in #Brazil , #Russia , #India & #SouthAfrica combined. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 27, 2015

Them Ford Focus ain't that big

#dowjones drop a loss of $2Trill.,& #Obama 's #lapdogs #Ferrarys & #Lamborginys may soon be replaced by #FordFocus or — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Obama's wars

#Economy is #Obama ’s fault, #Trump says.Did #Putin let the #Fed , an unelected body to print 5 $Trill &start #Forex #war ? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Enjoy Indonesia countryside

#Indonesia to build #bullet #train between #Jakarta &tech city of #Bandung . #China & #Japan competing for the contract. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Virginia shooting

Two #TV #reporters of station #WDBJ -TV, #VA #killed by #disgruntled #employee who #shot himself& #crashed his car. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Solar cities burning

#JimChanos shorting #ElonMusk #SolarCity , saying customer #leases like a 2nd #mortgage & #FICO scores below average. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Market Report 8/25/15

Fed pumping money led to short covering, yet monthly $DJI stochastic not even in negative territory, weekly and daily at -71% and -64%. If monthly sell is confirmed this week, renewed attack on the 15200 will resume. USD/CHF is in downtrend, so is gold and oil. For political reasons US and China will try to stem decline before visit of Pres. Xi, yet charts look like a broken puzzle, WS pundits still bullish despite deflation and Trump ain't going nowhere. So volatility VIX index will keep on flashing until markets confirm direction. Declining trend resistance at 17850.

Obama done it again

#Houthi Rebels say they fired #Scud missile Into #SaudiArabia , #Shiite / #Sunny war widening after #Obama #treachery . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Watch it, punditos

#Univision #Ramos complains of being thrown out of #Trump news conference.He should be glad that was not #deported . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

We love you, Trumpie

Twice #Obama supporters love #Trump ?"He looks you in the face.Says what he thinks. Not beholden to #corporations ". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Me watch yo, chico

#Sheriff Jones of #Butler #County #Ohio ,a #Trump supporter, is "watching" the #illegals , is on #cartels "hit list". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Wall street bloodbath

#Bloodbath on #WallStreet ; two #hedge #fund managers lose 50% of #share value in #SunEdison . More pain to come soon? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Hope at last

#MayoClinic injecting #microRNA into a #tumor leads to #PLEKHA7 #protein #inhibition of #cancer #cells reproduction. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Vamos, amigo

#Univision anchor #jorgeramos escorted out of #Trump #newsconference , telling him:"go back to #Univision ". — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Pay up or shut up

#Trump #winds of #war :"We protect #Germany or #SouthKorea for no #money ,"I can build 1900 miles of #fence " — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Trump darling, please bury the hatchet

Saint #OReilly warns #Trump that “the #debate #issue should be buried,it’s over, #folks can make up their own minds.” — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

General Scales still fighting

#General #Scales said that " #US should kill many #Russians to free #Ukraine "&that he has #plutonium #detector on his — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

End of the line

#energy companies like #LinnEnergy & #EnergyXXI (EXXI), have spend most lines of credit, weeks from #default . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 26, 2015

Ailes:We are dumb and damn proud of it.

The first thing a new comer to Appalachia (circa 1968), hears is the following: "In America you always say that your ancestry is Irish/German, and you never admit making a mistake". Come Fox boss Ailes having one of his Murdock CFR programmed robots attack a free and proud man like Chief "You are fired" Trump, and what do you get? A punch in the mouth. If Fox News think that they have cornered the conservative information market, there is news coming to them: "Watch the supply and demand, morons! We are in point in time of instantaneous data delivery, and only old, senile and absent minded people are still watching your treacherous shows, but not for long." A boycott is on the way.

Putin's socializing

Pres. #Putin to meet #Jordanian King, Prince of #AbuDhabi & #Egypt Gen. #Sisi in #Moscow #airshow to discuss #Syria . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Don't mess with Britain

#Illegals in #Britain to face #jail , #seizure of #earnings and #prosecution of #employers hiring them. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Blue clouds in my blue sky?

#Red #clouds would float in the sky after #Nukes #tests of the #60s .Lately #blue clouds of #methane #crystals are seen — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Get lost, Hillary

#BernieSanders leads #Hillary by 7 points in #NHpolitics #poll . #Biden has 2 points like/dislike spread with #voters . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Get a cheeseburger

#Jeb is #flat , fall #asleep , low #energy person in need of a #cheeseburger , #Trump says. Can't make #US #great again. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Biden/Warren ticket

#Polls not in favor of #Obama policies in #Ohio , hence #Biden #Warren #ticket will lead to #Dems failure. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

China meltdown

Is #BlackMonday sign of future? #Chinameltdown & #Fed #manipulation made #US #markets highly vulnerable come #Trump . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Xi loves his job

Is #China #XiJinping trying to save his ass by pumping #money into #banksystem ? Too late for that, another boss — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 25, 2015

Turn the other cheeck

In order to stem the panic selling, China cut rates and reduced bank ratio, making the yuan even weaker and pushing the dollar higher. Translation: China has allowed families to use the equity of their homes as a collateral to buy stocks, the dumbest thing one can imagine. Hence they pumped hundreds of billions of yuan to reduce margin pressure on speculators accounts, but for how long? Yet another page in the unrelenting currency war unleashed by the Fed. Where are we going to? If the counter rally holds, resistance is just above at 17800 area. Then we will re-test the support at 15200. SP 500 chart does not look pretty. Stand by.

Who is China's new leader?

One thing about China is that being a communist country, it is almost a tradition to line up behind the current leadership. Last month we reported that Chinese troops on the India border were involved in a crossfire skirmish, then ordered by President Xi Jinping to back of and retreat. Not only they did not retreat, but added more troops to site of the armed confrontation with India. Was this the first sign of trouble at the highest levels of the leadership? Xi has been using anti-corruption policy to crush opposition and consolidate power, something many party members are violently against. The South China Morning Post editorial indicated that things were "not going well" and that a recent meeting of high-level party officials in the Hebei seaside resort of Beidaihe was tumultuous. Were the party officials displeased by Xi anti-corruption stance, or was the Chinese defector "Topaz" the real reason Xi is facing the heat?

Market Report 8/24/15

The market tested $DJI support at 15370 and 1830 of the SP500, closing above the lows of the day. The reason for the selling was a USD/CHF drop from 0.9920 to 0.9337, FOREX generated programs. The charts of the broader market look much worst than the political bellwether $DJI, and since daily and weekly trends in both averages are confirmed, there will be more shaking and drubbing for few days, until the currency equilibrium is reached. $DJI declining trend resistance above 17358, and supports are still 15200 and 11760. A rally up to the declining trend at the 17,000 area, then another drop to the lows will surely generate a monthly sell signal for 1st time on many months, an indication that perhaps a political and monetary changes are just around the corner.

What's up, Auntie?

With current slide accelerating and numerous option contracts in the red, the low margin requirements for writing bull and bear spreads we have been warning about weeks ago as being a ticking bomb in a decline like this, a ticking bomb that will likely lead to margin calls and more selling. What can dear Auntie Yellen do now? What she has done all along, print few billions of West Virginia $13 dollar bills and flood the brokers accounts with it. Will it stop the margin calls? With millions of spreads out there written without financial supervision in the raging Obama/Buffett bull market, only time will tell where the equilibrium point is. As Count Shlomo von Wasserstein has said nearly four hundred years ago, "Buy when there is blood on the streets".

Venezuela dreaming

Venezuela is slipping toward a humanitarian crisis and the danger of implosion is growing. Venezuela has the world's highest inflation rate, a collapsing currency and may default on its debts next year. There are shortages of consumer goods and difficulty of obtaining hard currency. In a country with the world's largest oil reserves, transplant patients have resorted to veterinary medicines to stay alive and hemophilia medicines are available only for emergencies. Malaria and dengue fever are on the rise, so is malnutrition. Doctors are emigrating. The potential for more frequent and deadlier breakdowns in public order is increasing, especially now that Maduro has stepped up military raids on people who stock up "contraband" goods. Venezuela's neighbors Brazil and Colombia have their own troubles, but they cannot afford to ignore the turmoil at their borders as Maduro is using territorial disputes to crank up nationalist fervor. China has bankrolled Vene

C'mon baby, do the locomotion

The Moroccan terrorist Khazzani who attacked the Paris bound train says that he was hungry. Aren't you confused? Was he trying to eat the train or the Kalashnikov? What difference does it makes if he lived in a yellow school bus down the river, hardly knew his mother and father died in jail? "He was an ordinary man who played football, went fishing and worked for living", neighbors said. Such a fine boy, aint he? How do you find a Kalashnikov with four loaded magazines in a park? Was he fishing for locomotives? It is very nice of France to give medals to the three Americans and one Brit who subdued the terrorist. It would be even nicer if they take a wind from Chief Trump and start sending people to the Middle East by sealing them in an envelope without return address, then dropping it in the mail box.

Guard your Church

#IslamicState (ISIL) levels an early #Christian #Monastery in #Syria; a chain of barbarity while #westworld is

A bear claw across the face?

#BlackMonday on #WallStreet ?Not really,just test of 15200 support level,not even scratching the surface above 11,000. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

Looking for a new love

#Obama 's unfaithfulness moves #Pakistan close to #Russia ; will purchase #weapons and build a #gas pipeline. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

Can't take it no more

Due to the blatant #FOREX manipulation by the #Fed , #metals meltdown follows #oil , down almost 15% on average. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

I've been cheated, and mistreated

#AuthorsUnited files complaint against #Amazon .com with #DOJ #antitrust regulator for cornering #books market. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

Please help me, Mom

#Studentloans #doomsday #clock ticking; 7 million are at least 360 days in #default on loans more than a 1 Trill. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

Repel boarders!!!

#Macedonia police fights 3000 migrants at #Greece border island; #Obama initiated ME instability unleashes human wave; — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 24, 2015

Koch family fights

Due to #Koch Bros. rift, #GOP to have own #SummerSlam match in #Ohio ,starring #Cruz , #Jeb & #Rubio .The winner? #Sanders . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 23, 2015

Guard the border, paper shuflers

If elected #President , #Cruz to shut down #IRS and send all 90,000 #employees to guard #MexicanBorder , #fence or not. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 23, 2015

Get them tax cheats

#Trump after #hedge #fund managers for "carried interest loophole",paying #tax on #capital #gains instead of #income . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 23, 2015

The decline of an Empire through the eyes of a refugee

Sorbane's "The Endless Beginning" is a story of a man whose family arrives in the US on a political asylum with no money, education or support system. A provocative and politically incorrect view of the "inner" United States, from the brutality of the streets to the lecture halls of America's Universities to trading in the stock market to support a family, yet cataloging the long and deliberate destruction of our country from within by a gang of politicians from both parties answerable to no one. Frank, passionate and loaded with spirituality, an excellent background as to why Chief Trump's Revolution is so alluring to many, and so frightful to few money hungry insiders.

GOP operation "Overlord"

Chief "You are fired" Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP field both in hurling well deserved insults at his misfit fellow Republicans and in the polls. Intelligence sources indicate that Field Marshals Koch Brothers and their 16 GOP Establishment conspirators have gathered in Ohio for military drills, and that right after Labor Day the anti-Trump attack ads are going to flood the airwaves. Then elite teams of GOP Establishment dirtiest character assassins will climb the tall walls of Trump's castle, hurling hot tar and fire bombs in a desperate attempt to force his surrender and political execution, a story to be eloquently told in O'Reilly next best seller "Killing Trump". Whether GOP Establishment assassins will be successful or not is still unknown. What is known is that many Americans are furious over the outrages of the last seven years and demand change of course away from the abyss. Whether or not they will act now or wait in denial for

Dead or alive

#Koch brothers meeting in #Ohio with 17 #GOP Presidential candidates to prepare for the #Fall #Trump #counter — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 23, 2015

Hail the Heroes

#Obama praises 3 #Americans who disarmed #terrorists on #French train unguarded by the police due to political correctness. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 23, 2015

Pray for the light and open spaces

Recent study has found that incarcerating people and specifically young ones under age of thirty for extended periods of solitary confinement has catastrophic effect on the persons psyche, leading to psychosis, depression and suicidal thoughts. On this day of peace, let's remember some 90,000 young Americans and probably millions across the globe that are in solitary confinement, longing for a ray of light, a whiff of fresh air and the open spaces of the distant horizon that have been denied to them. Let's pray that the mule headed politicians stop robbing their citizens, polluting the planet and start treating everyone with the freedom they deserve.

A message of peace

Leave the madness behind & listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982. … — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) June 7, 2015

Doctrines of peace

Turn of the channel on movie, TV and political types who have ignored and offended Judeo-Christian and other doctrines of peace. Boycott them, walk away and let them dry.

Rand Paul lies

#RandPaul gave #KY #GOP 200k to skirt #state #law barring run in 2 offices at the same time.Is he alone in this? — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 22, 2015

Please don't vote for Hillary

#NewJersey #woman final request in her #obituary to #friends and #family : Please don't vote for #HillaryClinton . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 22, 2015

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland, Willcomen zi Anatolia

#Germany to get 800,000 #migrants this year,four fold increase. #Auf #Wiedersehen #Deutschland , #Willcomen #Anatolia . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 22, 2015

Watch the bubbles

Jose Padilla, #drug smuggler in #scuba gear #arrested near underwater #tunnel near #Mexicali , #Mexico with 55 lb. — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 22, 2015

Migrants mayhem

11 #migrants and 6 cops were hurt in a migrants fight in the town of #Suhl , state of #Thuringia . — BIBI1581 (@bibi1581) August 22, 2015