Bibi1581 Blog For 9/13/2017: Morning Edition

1..............> Un Darling: Mr.Xi

China's very shrewd Mr.Xi insisted on watering down latest sanctions to let Kim Jong-un know that he is still their favored pit bull that can keep its diamond studded nuke collar, and that Beijing does not believe sanctions will force the North Korean leader to surrender his weapons.

2............> Drug Dealer's Currency: Bitcoin

The chief executive of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon called the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin's value continued rise "a currency made of thin air" and a "fraud," predicting that "it won't end well."
Dimon said that if one of his JPMorgan workers would trade Bitcoin, he would have fired him "in a second for two reasons. One, it’s against our rules. Two, it’s stupid."

3.............> Smart On Global Warming: China

Being world's third-largest bioethanol producer that is using nearly 2.6 million tonnes a year accounting for one-fifth of its annual gasoline consumption, 
China plans nationwide use of bioethanol gasoline in its road vehicles by 2020 to cut emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

"Biofuel is renewable, versatile and environmental-friendly. It is an ideal alternative to fossil fuel," a senior NEA official said.


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