Bibi1581 Blog For 9/10/2017: Morning Edition

1.........> Applied Global Warming: Hurricane Valley USA

After pummeling the eastern Caribbean Islands the monster storm Irma caused widespread destruction on infrastructure and flattening most buildings, and now is approaching US shores, forcing 7 million people to evacuate low-lying coastal areas of Florida as winds of up to 75 mph and are predicted to be 125 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). If this misery is not enough, Hurricane Jose is few hundred miles behind on basically same course, threatening more death and destruction to the Caribbean region.

2..........> Founding Viking Mom: Sweden

DNA testing by archaeologists and historians have revealed that the remains of a “powerful military Viking leader” buried with weapons and horses in the town of Birka, Sweden are that of a woman, over the age of 30 and nearly 6 feet tall.

Her sword, an axe, spear, armour-piercing arrows, a battle knife, shields, two horses and a planning board in her lap indicated that she developed out battle strategies for her army of Viking soldiers.

3...........> Applied Global Warming: North Sea

To all "Global Warming" deniers and distorters:

The average temperature of the North Sea rose by 1.67 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past 45 years, during which time the temperature of oceans such as the Pacific or Atlantic increased by 0.74 degrees Celsius on average.

That is according to an environment ministry response to a parliamentary question from the Green Party, and the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany's government warned that the North Sea's temperature could rise by another 1.7 to 3.2 degrees Celsius by 2100.

4............> Bombs Make Me Warm Inside: Comrade Un

"No matter how the US and its puppets kick up a ruckus, our republic, which has a strong military and the most powerful Juche bombs and weapons, and whose territory has all turned into fortresses, and all its people armed to the teeth, will remain an eternal iron-clad citadel," DPRK news said, adding that the country "must make cutting-edge Juche weapons in greater quantities." Juche is the country's Marxist and nationalist ideology of self-reliance.

5...........> Eat Grass Or Hamburgers: Comrade Un's Choice

President Putin wrote off most of North Korea's Soviet-era debt in a major goodwill gesture, and despite that 
energy exports to its neighbour as "practically zero" and 30,000 North Koreans are employed in logging and construction in Russia's Far East, Russia is one of the few major countries that is preaching patience towards Comrade Stalin's infamous KGB devoted students of Comrade Un secret police.


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