Bibi1581 Blog For 9/11/2017: Morning Edition

1...........> Gloves Off: Islamic Merkeldom Of Germany Democracy

"The reason why we are overrun by culturally foreign people such as Arabs, Sinti and Roma is the systematic destruction of civil society as a possible counterweight from the enemies of the constitution by whom we are governed," newspaper quoted an email 
by opposition AfD's party leader Alice Weidel as saying.
The email described German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government as "pigs" who were nothing more than "puppets of WWII allies." It continued to say Merkel's government was given the task of limiting the population of the German "Volk," or people.

2.............> Rooting For War: Operation "Zapad"

With officially 12,700 servicemen (100,000 estimated by Islamic Merkeldom of Germany) involved in the upcoming drills "Zapad-2017", 70 planes and helicopters, 280 tanks, 200 artillery weapons, ten ships, and various other pieces of military equipment, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region will pretend of having been infiltrated by extremist groups with the intention of committing terrorist attacks. 
"Land forces will be deployed to cut off their access to sea and block air corridors in the region, with the support of the air force, air defense forces, and the navy, agents of the Russian intelligence service FSB, as well as people working for the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Emergency Situations involved", according to official reports.
Is Putin afraid of yet another "Operation Barbarossa" being unleashed against "Mother Russia", or is it just a distraction from the sanctions levied against him by parallel "Deep State" US McCain/Graham government?

3............> Family Troubles: Moses Grandchildren

A caricature posted by the 26-year-old Yair Netanyahu's shows the 1st Secretary of the Planetary commission and Jewish billionaire George Soros in a figure that resembles Hitler like anti-Semitic posters depictions of world Jewry, manipulating former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and a pair of weekly protest leaders who are calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to step down amid intensifying corruption allegations.

"Is that what the child hears at home? What is this, genetics or a spontaneous mental illness?" Barak, the former prime minister, said Saturday night on Twitter. 

"In any case it doesn't matter. We should fund a psychiatrist for him, not his security guard and chauffeur." 

The meme was slammed by Netanyahu's politically correct  opponents, called as having "crossed every line imaginable" and a "very sad" day for Israel,  "This caricature is repulsive and it comes from the Israeli prime minister's home and must be deleted", while loudly applauded by anti-Semites including the former head of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

4............> Irma Downgraded: Damage And Destruction Behind

The deadly hurricane hit Marco Island at 3:35 p.m. local time on Sunday with winds gusting at 130 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center.
Shortly after Irma's powerful eye passed over Marco Island, forecasters downgraded the storm to a Category 2 hurricane as it blew through the city of Naples. Forecasters also said "life threatening" storm surges are expected after the eye passes.
Water levels in Naples rose 7 feet  in under two hours as the eye of the storm continued moved north. It is expected to hit the heavily-populated cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg early Monday morning.
The National Hurricane Center said that although Irma is weakening, the storm is "expected to remain a hurricane at least through Monday morning" as it moves along Florida's west coast. Irma will remain a hurricane as it pushes inland over northern Florida and southwestern Georgia by Monday afternoon, forecasters said.
Hurricane Irma's powerful winds also created tornado warnings across the state, including in Florida's Brevard County, which is home to NASA's Cape Canaveral.
The storm led to power outages across the state, with Florida Power & Light reporting that over 3.1 million homes and businesses are without power. Nearly 1 million of those customers are located in Miami-Dade County. There are around 7 million residential customers in the state.

5.............> Only 67% of mortgage applications are "completely factual and accurate", suggesting to a third of Australian mortgages could be "liar loans" based on fraudulent information, according to investment bank UBS warning. Is this yet another real estate bubble "bomb" ticking?


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