Bibi1581 Blog For 9/8/2017: Morning Edition

1............> Abu Sayyaf On The Run: Mindanao

Two of seven remaining Indonesian hostages were released by the Abu Sayyaf group after a military operation killed five militants on the southern island of Sulu.
Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, Joint Task Force Sulu commander, identified the freed Indonesians as Saparrudin Kone and Sawal Maryam who were recovered in Talipao, Sulu.

2............> Human Catastrophe: Myanmar

Due to a dramatic increase in the number of refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state, 
"270,000 people have now arrived in Bangladesh in search of safety," UN Refugee Agency reported in Geneva.

3............> The Wrath Of The Gods: Mexico

A tsunami warning was issued for Mexico, with six foot high waves possible after an earthquake described as the country's strongest in a century struck off the southern coast, killing at least 27 people.
The quake, which President Enrique Peña Nieto said measured 8.2, struck in the Pacific, about 87km (54 miles) south-west of Pijijiapan.

4............> Applied Global Warming: A Coincidence Or A Warning

Weather experts predict that parts of Florida may lose power for days, and more than 100,000 people may need shelter in the path of very destructive Hurricane Irma as it sweeps along the eastern coast of US.
Meanwhile there are reports of serious looting on the hurricane-hit Caribbean island of St Martin.

5.............> In Harm's Way: Hurricane Valley

Barbuda's Prime Minister says 90 per cent of buildings and vehicles on the Caribbean island have been destroyed by Hurricane Irma that came ashore with winds up to 225 mph as two other hurricanes have formed in the past 24 hours, Katia and Jose, and fatalities were reported on four different islands as the "potentially catastrophic" category five storm hit Antigua especially hard hit.

6............> A Ring Of Thieves: San Diego

“The mall is supposed to be a safe place for families to shop, eat and enjoy themselves,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Alana Robinson after a federal grand jury indicted 22 defendants of a highly organized, often violent theft ring suspected of stealing more than $20 million worth of merchandise from upscale shopping malls in the San Diego area and nationwide.

“Instead, a prolific and violent group of thieves has stolen millions of dollars in merchandise as well as peace of mind from mall employees and customers. With today’s action, we are protecting customers and businesses both physically and economically, and we are restoring and preserving the safety of our community gathering spots.”


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