Bibi1581 Blog For 9/9/2017: Evening Edition

1............> Dollar Fears: US

The dollar has been sliding since President Donald Trump's inauguration and it has lost about 11% versus a basket of currencies as the irresponsible money printing and stock market interventions by Yellen continued unabated. The gold has rallied to just below long term resistance of 1389, before Fed selling forced a quick profit taking.

2............> Minefields: Bangladesh Border

 "The disclosure of the use of deadly mines by the Myanmar military on the borders of Rakhine [state] and Bangladesh has confirmed the initial allegations that there have been serious human rights abuses in Myanmar," the Amnesty International Indonesia group said in a statement about measures to prevent the return of Rohingya refugees.

3............> Royal Goldsmith: Luxor

Egypt has announced the discovery on the west bank of the river Nile in the southern city of Luxor of a pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith named Amunhat who  lived more than 3,500 years ago during the reign of the 18th dynasty, a tomb containing statues of his family, a funerary mask, mummies and jewellery.

4............> Water Based Battery: No Explosions

Scientists have  created a lithium-ion battery that uses a water-salt solution as its electrolyte to prevent fire and explosion hazards, and safely reaches the 4.0 volt mark desired for household electronics such as laptop computers and alike.

5............> In Irma Harm's Way: Miami

The first bands of Hurricane Irma were battering the coast of Florida as forecasters models predicted the storm would increase in strength, with the outer storm bands with gusts of nearly 60 mph hit Virginia Key, off Miami. Hurricane  core battered northern Cuba and it is predicted to make US landfall on the southwest of the Miami metropolitan area, before turning up to the state's Gulf Coast.

6............> A Message Of Peace

Turn of the channel on people who have offended and demeaned the teachings of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also known as Rabbi Emmanuel. Walk away, let them dry on the scorching sun. Listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope.


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