Bibi1581 Blog For 9/9/2017: Morning Edition

1............> "Divide Et Impera": President Trump Divides GOP

President Donald Trump signed a bill to provide $15 billion in aid for Hurricane Harvey victims that also includes a debt ceiling extension to keep the government running until early December.

All opposing votes in both chambers were cast by Republican members of McCain-Graham D.C. swamp alligators "Deep State" US Government, who asked that the debt limit be extended by 18 months, as they have enthusiastically voted for years in support of our 1st Muslim President and Secretary of Unified Party USA, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama.

2............> Don’t Pull Devil’s Tail: Irma

"His board was tombstoning, he was underwater, I got a photo of his last wave. But he made that wave. Didn't fall. I think it might have happened on his way in,” a fellow surfer described the last moments of a teenage Barbados surfer who was knocked unconscious and drowned as Irma violent surf closed in on the east coast of the island. Zander Venezia was only 16 year old.

3............> Applied Global Warming: The Day After Or Before Ghastly Tomorrow?

Is anyone paying attention on what’s happening in our world? Unelected and answerable to none New World Disorder bureaucrats like Fed’s Yellen and ECB Draghi keep pumping paper money in support of the so called “global economy” and along the way melting the polar caps, and now hurricane scientists say they've “never seem three hurricane threatening land in the West Atlantic” in the modern record. Translation? Move to higher ground since the way McCain-Graham “Deep State” government is sabotaging our democratically elected President Trump, only major crash or tragic mishap would lead to arrest and conviction of Planetary comission infiltrators who are ignoring our Constitution and Institutions and being a security threat to the American people.


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